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It is a general rule to keep our resume engaging, accurate and brief. While, it is true that our application should have many appealing elements, this isn’t an excuse for us to tell lies. Many of us tend to exaggerate our resume to the extent that we may lie for more than a few times. However, experienced recruiters may easily spot this through their trained eyes.
Unfortunately, this may cause us to get caught red handed. It will be more difficult for us to get good job if we are marked with red flag. We should be honest with our resume, because recruiters also seek credible employees. Here are four ways to make believable resume:

1. Don’t exaggerate our skills:

It is very easy to lie about our proficiencies and skills. In a simple interview, it would be a bit difficult for interviewers to verify this, because they may not have the technical skills. The company could verify this only through in-depth sessions that involve highly skilled individuals. The problem may occur if candidates are required to demonstrate their skills during the actual training session.
Mentioning fake skills can be considered as a malpractice and it would be more difficult for us to regain credibility.

2. Use proper academic qualifications:

Many job seekers fake their academic qualifications, but they are actually easier to verify. Interviewers may ask for certifications and they may even directly contact the school to verify our claims. If we are self-taught individuals, we should honestly inform our interviewers.
People who learn by themselves can still be as proficient as those who learn in standard educational institutions. We should mention our academic qualifications accurately in our resume and explain our skills realistically.

3. Don’t embellish professional experience:

It is a bad idea to fabricate tasks that we didn’t do; especially if we don’t really have an idea about what it is. New job seekers could be tempted to add highly appealing past tasks in their resume. It should be noted that interviewers don’t really expect fresh grads to have comprehensive prior experience when they apply for their first job.
In this case, it is better for them to provide information on their comprehension about applied theories and concepts. This will allow candidates to better understand their tasks and responsibilities. While it is a good idea to portray our previous experiences in a good way, we could be in trouble if we lie consistently.

4. Use correct job titles:

We shouldn’t award ourselves with fancy job titles that are purportedly related to complex roles. We should be able to earn these titles. It is a bad idea to make worthless addition in our resume. Many experienced recruiters are smart enough to spot embellished job titles. We could improve our chances by presenting ourselves in a more accurate manner.
Being real can make a much better impact when we seek to positively portray ourselves. By faking our resume, we could fail to meet expectations. While we may not get fired, it would be more difficult for us to get promoted.
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