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Lately the job market has become scarce. With so many unemployed professionals and qualifications businesses are looking for on the rise, it may be hard for those just graduating college to find employment. The mobile market however, has offered some assistance. If you are job hunting it is time consuming to drive back and forth between home and job interviews. With mobile apps you can find jobs to apply for no matter where you are. Here are 5 mobile apps that can give you the next job prospect no matter where you are looking.


JobServe Connect:

This is based off the popular website that launched in 1993. It allows you to search job listings based on location. You can choose city, state, zip code, or even use the GPS feature to find open positions near your current location no matter where you are. If you are looking for a job nearby, this app may have the right position for you. It will even allow you to choose if you want a permanent position or a contract position.



If you are looking for an app that will search through multiple job databases, this is the app for you. JobFinder will search through the huge database of job websites such as Monster and many others. You can choose your job type, radius, city, state or zip code. It even allows for keywords when searching for a specific job type. It is available for iPhone and Android.


Jobcentre Plus:

For those living in the U.K., this app may help you gain employment. It works similar to the others mentioned as you can search by location, enter keywords and even add jobs to your favorites. Once you have found a position you would like to apply for you can map it via Google Maps to find the location easier. It will even email your search results so you can view them at home later.


Monster App:

Like many other companies joining the app bandwagon, Monster has created an app to search their large database for your next position. This app is available for Android or iPhone and allows users to search via keywords, locations, and even salary. If you find a position that is better suited for a friend rather than yourself, the app will allow you to email the listing to a friend. If you find a position you would like to apply for, the app will allow you to edit your cover letter to make it job specific before you apply for the position.



This app is designed for searching the database of tech jobs listed on Techcareers.com. For those looking for positions in the technology field, TechCareers has a large database of available positions. This app even goes beyond the normal tech careers to include biomeds, avionics, and other technical careers. You may even view newsfeeds for the latest breaking news in careers.


Finding a new position can be difficult however; with the right apps your job searching can be mobile and save a lot of time. Take a look at these apps when you decide it is time for a new career and see what you can find.

David Haynes is an IT professional who utilized Redrock IT Jobs when searching for employment.


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