What is the right age for whitening?
Teeth whitening is for all adults. There are certain conditions that make an adult a good candidate for this treatment. This means that there are also other things that disqualify an adult or an old person from taking the treatment. When they do, they often experience complications. First, you can be old but be of good dental health. Dental restorations are other things that do not go well with teeth whitening. These are not natural and therefore when the gels and peroxides are applied, they will not obtain the color intended. These may be at strategic places for a smile and hence they are not good for whitening. Bridges and crowns are such restorations. When the gums are sensitive especially at old age, teeth whitening may not be suitable for you. It is up to you to consult dentists for teeth whitening for more clarification of candidacy.
Is it appropriate for the kids?
Kids are also welcomed to go for the whitening services. These however require approval by the dentists. The responsible teens are the most appropriate. Those below this age are however discouraged. This is because they can wait for their teeth to shed off and develop newer ones. Those around 14 or more years of age are the best candidates. This is mainly because their teeth have the capability of absorbing oxygen in the peroxide and hence more effectiveness.
Are there various options in whitening?
There are mainly two options for teeth whitening. These are the services you receive in a dentistry office or the ones you do on your own at home. There is no a better option than the other. It depends with your desire and the speed at which you want to see the results. The ones you receive ones you visit a dentist for teeth whitening houston are recommended when you require the results urgently. Those patients with dental sensitivities are considered better candidate for the in-office whitening. Some patients however desire for the cheaper and at the comfort of the home option. This is where you are given the products and use them according to the dentists’ instructions. Results will delay a bit but are also effective in whitening.
Will the teeth become vulnerable to stains with whitening?
The teeth are exposed to stains after a short period of treatment. This is because the products usually dehydrates the teeth for a period up to 24 hours which makes them porous. Eating staining food during this period will mean zero work is done. Dentists for teeth whitening will recommend using a straw when drinking staining drinks.
How long do I enjoy the results?
The results are varying with each patient. The duration that one stays enjoying the results are dependent of the lifestyle you live afterwards. Dentists for teeth whitening advise their patients to adopt better lifestyle for dental care. Most of the whitening services will require monthly renewal to maintain the white color of teeth. Deep bleaching however is more permanent.



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