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Dragon Naturally Speaking is a commercial text-to-speech software that is used to convert regular speech into text. Dragon Naturally Speaking is most often found on computers, but mobile versions have also been released for Android and iPhone devices. The software can be used to aid the visually impaired, quickly jot down notes, write entire novels, and search the web. While not the only program of its breed, Dragon NaturallySpeaking is one of the best examples of speech-to-text software in the world.

What Is Speech-To-Text Software

The term speech-to-text software can be used to refer to any software that is capable of converting regular speech into text. Speech-to-text software contrasts with text-to-speech software, which is often used to create a virtual voice on a website or translate languages by typing in a word. Speech-to-text software, depending on the type of devices it is connected to, can be used to search the Internet, send text messages, and perform various commands.

What Separates Dragon Naturally Speaking From The Rest

While Dragon NaturallySpeaking is relatively expensive, it is one of the most accurate speech-to-text programs in the world, earning it a very high reputation for excellence and reliability. Due to that reputation, Dragon NaturallySpeaking has been adopted by educational institutions, military groups, and other highly productive organizations that use NaturallySpeaking to train personnel and perform daily activities. By using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, journalists and other writers are able to quickly blaze through the production of manuals and other books without the restraints placed on them by typing speeds.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking has been released to the public in the form of four separate versions. These products consist of Legal, Professional, Premium, and Home. Home is obviously the best plan for personal use, while Legal is clearly ideal for putting together legal documents, which is a very time-consuming task without this software. The Premium version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking is ideal for educational purposes, allowing both students and teachers to quickly get their work done without the labor of typing everything out by hand. The Professional version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking is intended for use by businesses, both small and large, for writing business plans, creating promotional materials, and creating financial reports.

The Home version of Dragon Naturally Speaking is available for $99.99, while the Legal version costs a whopping $799.99. The Premium version of the software sells for $199.99, while the Professional version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking is available for $599.99. Each version is available for both PC and Mac, with the software also available in the form of a stand-alone Mac solution known as Dictate for Mac.

Dictate for Mac allows Mac users to control their computers by voice, use various programs, and create content solely by voice. Dictate for Mac is available for $199.99.

While Dragon Naturally Speaking isn’t the cheapest speech-to-text software available, it is one of the most accurate programs in this industry, making it worth the extra cash to most users. For those individuals who don’t want to fork out that much money for a speech-to-text program, older versions of the software may be found for much cheaper rates throughout the Internet.


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