Cash for Motorhomes

According to a Statista report, experts predicted the wholesale RV shipment to reach 381,000 in 2016. The data is inspiring for an individual seller as well because it hints at a promising market out there. If you are a seller, getting cash for well-maintained motor homes shouldn’t be that difficult. However, sometimes it’s not just the RV that is under a buyer’s scrutiny when (s)he comes to take a look at it. Other factors, including how you interact with them, often plays a decisive role in the selling process. Why not stand out from the other sellers by striking up a conversation with your potential buyer about all the places that (s)he can visit in the RV? Put the following Pennsylvania places on your list of suggestions:

1. Erie

It is located on the shores of Lake Erie, the city’s major crowd puller, and the world’s eleventh largest lake.  RV-ers have the option to explore the beautiful water body, know about the rich local culture of the area, and to learn more about Pennsylvania’s rich naval history in the Erie Maritime Museum run by the Flagship Niagara League. If they are interested to know about, this place is worth a visit with family or friends.  If your buyer is a movie buff as well, recommend the Warner Theater commissioned by the Warner Brothers.

Waldameer Park and Water World is yet another must-see destination for people RV-ing with family. The park is an ideal place for kids to burn a few calories. New RV-ers can visit Presque Isle State Park that features some of the largest beaches of Pennsylvania. They can swim, boat, bike, hike, or enjoy some bird watching.

2. Lancaster County

Prospective motor home buyers, who are curious about the Amish way of life and culture, can head for this place. The Amish community is known for its simple lifestyle, plain dressing, and the unwillingness to embrace the conveniences of modern life and technology. RV-ers can visit the Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine and Steam Train to know about the rich history of the area. You may even recommend them a tour of an actual coal mine and a ride on a steam train.  Shenk’s Ferry Wildflower Preserve, with its sea of wildflowers, has something special for nature-loving RV-ers.  Dutch Haven, a gift and bakery store, also comes with a very high rating for its mouth-watering treats. A tour of Lancaster County isn’t complete without tasting its lip-smacking shoo-fly pie, so don’t forget to mention that as well.

3. Philadelphia

The city of brotherly love has a lot to offer to anyone who is intrigued by the past. It is a city of museums, historical places, and yummy food joints. If you think that your buyers would be up for a strange and uncanny experience, ask them to visit the Mütter Museum that houses a bizarre and creepy collection of medical oddities. The Philadelphia Museum of Art should be on their list too if they have a penchant for art and culture. It houses an outstanding collection of historical artifacts from all over the world. The other must-visit places in Philly include the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, both iconic symbols of the US independence. Last but not the least is the Betsy Ross House, a major landmark in the city of Philadelphia, where Betsy Ross stitched the first US flag.

Getting cash for your motor home is easy only when you do it the right way. As a seller, you need to pique a buyer’s interest. Upload photographs and videos of lakes, historical places and museums you visited in your RV. Strike up a conversation with the buyers about all the exciting thing they can do on an RV trip. Inspire them to explore more. Create a bond that will help to make the selling process faster and smoother.


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