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With the holiday season coming up, everybody wants to get the best and newest technology for their friends and family. In our increasingly digital world, the best gifts are high tech gifts that help them take advantage of all of the great new things ways to communicate. Fortunately, there is no shortage of great high tech gifts that are sure to please anyone. Here are just a few that you might want to consider for your loved ones this holiday.

Six Techy Gift Ideas For This Holiday Season

1. Pocket Camcorder – There was a time when recording home video required a huge, heavy machine and no end to easily lost or broken tapes. Now you can have much higher video quality with a device that fits in your pocket. Many of these new digital camcorders are no larger than a cell phone and are incredibly easy to use. More to the point, several are built to handle a number of different lighting conditions and sound challenges. And with HD video and high quality sound, you can simply download to your computer and make a professional quality home movie out of whatever you happen to record.

2. Cell Phone Unlock Codes – Do you know somebody who travels a lot, especially abroad? Then getting them the codes and software to unlock their phone may be exactly what they need. Unlocking a cell phone allows you to switch networks, opening up coverage to a number of different areas and being able to choose between competing carriers for the least expensive wherever you are. It also enables a lot of different features that might have otherwise been cut off, like tethering or the ability to have multiple SIM cards. Finally, if they decide to sell the phone later, it could increase the price by up to 300%.

3. Wireless Data Station – Almost everything has WIFI these days, but there are still some devices that don’t yet have the ability to hook up to wireless networks. Fortunately, they now have wireless data stations available that let you plug anything with a USB into it and instantly turn that thing wireless. Works really great for LED TVs that you want to stream media to or printers.

4. Kevlar Survival Cord – Sometimes the high tech can meet the low tech, and even people who enjoy things like camping can find use for geeky gadgets. If you happen to know one of these outdoor types, you might want to consider getting them a roll of Kevlar survival cord. Easy and light to carry, this thin rope can hold up to 200 pounds and be used for any manner of things, from tying stuff down to repairing a tent.

5. Virtual Keyboard – Many people are getting keyboards for their tablets and other mobile devices, but why not give the loved one in your life something a little special? With a virtual keyboard, they can take a device a little bit bigger than a matchbox and project a laser keyboard on any opaque surface that will connect via Bluetooth to any device. They can then type away, including with simulated clicking sounds.

6. Gunnar Computer Glasses – Do you know somebody who plays too many video games? Someone who works at a computer all day? Anyone who stares at a screen too much? Then a pair of Gunnar Computer Glasses may be right for them. Tinted in just the right fashion, they can cut down on a lot of the harmful effects of staring at a screen for hours on end.


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