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The Importance Of An Insurance For Our Home

The insurance for our home is more important than you can imagine. Home insurance is to cover no less than what may eventually emerge or by chance. Sometimes, ignorance itself makes a home insurance is not contracted since no procedures or methodologies used by insurers to cover certain events or how they performed, or if an initial inspection or upon the known loss or recovery chances.

At the Time of Hiring

The first thing you have to do is contact the insurance company or broker and ask for specific advice for your home family combo, total area, etc. Many of the questions we will be on the type of property and the protections it has, for example, if windows are visible from the street, if you have bars, if you have alarmed, etc.

In Case of Fire

In terms of coverage by fire, many people tend to think it will never happen to them. But statistics show that it is more common than thought incident. We should note that fire not only burned the house but everything inside. The insurance sum will go based on what we deem inside our house, considering mainly the furniture, appliances … All companies offer coverage for fire to a greater or lesser extent. The differences may lie in the type of coverage.

Robbery or Theft

It must clearly specify whether it is a theft, removal of something inside the house with force or theft, removal of something without realizing how, for example, a maid. In the case of robbery or theft of appliances, some companies may ask us to give a value to the computer, video, etc. And others can encompass everything in a lump sum without discrimination because anyway the value of the square of that element depending on the make, model and year will be paid proportional. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the manuals and purchase invoices to prove the value.

Breaking Appliances

Many companies also offer coverage for insured breaking devices such as, TV, video … but you have to specify what exactly has happened to the device.

Additional Services

24 hours service plumbing, locksmith, electrician, gas technician will come to our home at night and fix something urgent as, for example, a gas leak that cannot wait until the next day. This service may be included in the policy as a supplement in the value of the policy.


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