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Tips On Drywall Stilts

Drywall stilts are becoming a hugely popular resource in many different industries. They serve many different purposes. There are many tasks that have to be completed that simply should not be reached without some sort of resource. While you can find things such as ladders and lifts that can be used these are not always your best option and having the ability to rely on drywall stilts to reach these high areas is a real bonus for many workers. One of the greatest advantages with the drywall stilts if they are used properly is the person wearing them can move from a area to another one easily. This is not so easily done while using the other resources. The patient does not have to get up and down many times when they are working in an area. Which is another big advantage.

Tips On Drywall Stilts

They are used in a number of construction fields and one of the common areas that they are utilized for is with the installation of drywall for ceilings and the upper wall areas. Also, they are used by painting crews which need to reach these areas.

While at first the person may feel they are being slowed down because their stride is slower overall they become a great time saver by the end through the day. There is a learning process that comes with using the drywall stilts but this doesn’t take very long, and the worker is soon able to master them.

Tips On Drywall Stilts

It is vital that they are used with a flat surface that is non-slippery or polished. The entire work area should be clear of any items that may be in the way of the worker. For the tools that are going to be needed for the task where the stilts are being used the worker can use a tool belt for easy access.

There are certain safety features and factors that must be put into place when using them and when they are used properly the drywall stilts are a good asset for most different industries particularly those which can be in the construction fields. For a good selection of drywall stilts and other diy important items pay a visit to


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