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Top 8 Factors That Affect Your Search Engine Rankings

In the world where everything is digital today, the marketing too is completely based upon the internet today. In order to make your brand reach the heights, it gets very important to effectively take care of the search engine rankings using proper search engine optimization skills. Mentioned in the blog are the top 8 factors that are sure to affect the search engine rankings of your website.

Top 8 Factors That Affect Your Search Engine Rankings


As the quote by Mr. Bill Gates goes stating ‘content is the king’, you must lay emphasis on the fact that the content is upto the mark This in turn will lead your business website to greater heights. When we talk about content, both content quality as well as the content length matter. Make sure that you put great amounts of quality within the content and not just the quantity.

Mobile friendliness

According to a recent Google webmaster blog, a website is likely to perform better at the search engine when it is mobile friendly. Therefore, working upon the mobile website is extremely advantageous.


Backlinking is the back of almost every aspect of search engine optimization. Google’s search engine has the strongest signal for the backlinks and hence, better backlinking leads to a better search engine ranking. More the number of backlinks attached to a particular domain website, the more will be the search engine ranking of the same.

Schema Code

SEO isn’t the only thing that will help your website rank better on google. Also, SEO practises have become a bit too mainstream and hence, using the schema codes for a better ranking can help much. Schema markups are created in order to make the search engines a bit more aware of the specific things like phone numbers, reviews, recipes, etc. Especially for the local businesses, site wide schema codes are extremely beneficial.

Page Speed

Page speed is a major factor for the search engine rankings and ever since the introduction of mobile first indexing, page speed has become super important. Web Pages and websites with a slower page speed have been suffering a lot in the search engine rankings. The goal of google with this approach is to provide the users with better experience.


Domain name and domain power play a crucial role when it comes to search engines. Domain names having the keywords within them help in better search engine rankings. Also, the domain superiority is an important aspect to consider. Therefore, making sure that the domain is superior and senior enough can affect the search engine rankings majorly.


A lot of digital marketers ignore the HTTPS, but there is an official mention in the google’s algorithm for the HTTPS. It was announced back in the year 2014 through the official google webmaster blog, that the security of the website is the highest priority. A website which isn’t much secured will not rank much on the search engine rank

Every business and marketer stress upon just a handful aspects related to search engine optimization which eventually affects the search engine rankings. Considering some of the above mentioned points will help you in getting better rankings for your website.


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