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How To Set Trending Email Marketing Campaigns

Size doesn’t matter in business. But RTB does. There has not been enough truth in this fact until now. In recent times, (actually since 2009) real time bidding has revolutionised the way businesses can grow. It has opened the doors of marketing for advertisers of all sizes. ‘Programmatic’ is the new buzzword in the world of digital media buying and RTB advertising is fast being adopted because of the numerous benefits of this auction-style platform. Being liked by advertisers and publishers alike, Real Time Bidding is being assimilated into even smaller budget businesses. Some of the reasons that make RTB so valuable for small businesses are:

How To Set Trending Email Marketing Campaigns

1. Immense Control As An Advertiser

As an advertiser, one can practise control over impressions being paid for. As an automated impression by impression method, RTB lets you liquidate the data which you have collected from your carefully selected clients. This data controls the pricing model and thus, you are on the plus side of the equation as an advertiser.

2. Choose Your Own Price

Ina small-scale business, one always has to work in budget constrained advertising plans. RTB campaigns verify the fact that the bidding let’s you raise or lower the price to be paid per impression. Thus you have a pricing control which can be modulated according to marketing budget of your company.

3. Access To Huge Ad Inventories

This can be one big advantage. Through Real Time Bidding, you can reach out to several publishers which can be chosen from the massive sized inventory via ad agencies. The more choices you have amongst publishers, the better it is for your brand to flourish in marketing. You don’t have to have ‘real-world’ connections in order to access a variety of publisher’s inventory.

4. User Matching Or Retargeting

As a smaller business, you couldn’t possibly think of putting ads on high profile leading websites. But with RTB, this change has conquered the advertising world. You can execute ads by overlaying a target of people who you know have visited a particular website and then whenever they visit your site, your ads can be seen all over. This is a very powerful tool as it helps in re-targeting a very particular audience who are predictably strong customers for you. You can be right there in front of the right user.

5. RTB Is More Affordable

Previously, advertising campaigns demanded higher budgets as advertisers had to buy ad impressions in bulk from the publishers. But now with RTB, even first timers in the display business can start off with a very small budget to initiate their online campaign. Besides, you can save on a lot of money that could have been spent on searching for the right audience. For example, if a client had visited your website but did not complete the purchase, you can immediately flash ads as a re-messaging campaign.

6. Transparency

The real time bidding for each impression in an auction platform maintains the transparency of the system. You will know where your ads are showing. This makes vague analysing tools useless and you can focus on knowing how successful your marketing strategy is moving.

7. Reach The Client Through Any Device

RTB campaigns make the client accessible on all devices. You can buy impressions to be displayed on desktops, tablets, mobiles etc. Thus, any place where you can think of your client can be reached via RTB ads.

So, if you are a small business owner and are inclined towards digital advertising, be an entrepreneur and use RTB to your advantage. Keep aside a small budget for RTB and in most probability, it will give you highest returns for your business.


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