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The initial few months of any company are the most crucial ones.  Starting off strong is the best way to increase your chances of surviving in the industry. Most people start a company with very limited capital. They don’t focus on investing on anything other than the main operations that are required for the company’s flow. Therefore, there is definitely not going to be any money for advertising or marketing your company. Without these aspects, your company will most probably be an island within the industry and would not get the exposure it needs in order to grow.

The Cheapest Form of Marketing

Generally a fully fledged marketing campaign would take a 360 degree approach. You will come with one general concept, call it the ‘big idea’ and implement it across multiple media. This process is going to need a substantial budget and a lot of preparation time.

Instead of going the conventional way, you could focus all your attention on the most popular medium at present – the online platform. The online world gives you a lot of opportunities to market your product and is by far the cheapest way of getting through to consumers.

Why Online?

Apart from being cost-effective, there are many other reasons to choose the internet as your primary medium of marketing. The most attractive aspect of it is the lack of restrictions it poses. You have the ability to come up with the craziest ideas and test them on the internet with little to lose.  Another major advantage of the internet is that it takes less time to reach a large audience. People are constantly on their computers and phones and use the internet for communication and the acquisition of all sorts of services. Due to this reason, getting noticed on the internet is far more effective than through any other medium.

Why Wait Till The Money Comes In To Start Promoting Your Company?

How to go about it?

An Adelaide SEO and online marketing company will be your partner in this mission. They will advice on the right way of designing your online content in a way that it is found easily by your potential clients. They will be able to give you pointers on how to stay relevant through your online content and the best way to reach your audience.

A good company would touch on every aspect that is important. Your website while being your primary marketing tool isn’t the only one. Social media including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram should all be given equal attention. Using search engine optimisation for each of these channels will ensure that your business is seen across the web

What to avoid?

When marketing online, there are certain things that you should be careful about. You should never compromise on originality when creating your content. People on the web are aware of a lot of things and would quickly spot a campaign idea that has been previously used. This way, you will not just lose valuable customers, but also your reputation of being innovative and unique. Another thing to avoid is overcrowding your website and social media channels. There is a certain amount of information that your customers will expect to see through these channels. Give them what they expect without distracting them with too many details that are not really relevant. Be smart and creative when deciding on the kind of information you are going to communicate through the internet.


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