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5 Undeniable Reasons Student Should Choose STEM For Higher Education!

In case you do not know, “STEM” is an acronym of Technology, Mathematics, Science, and Engineering. As its name suggests, it is a discipline that studies any of the aforementioned four subjects. Nowadays, most of the students aspire to choose STEM for higher education as it offers a lucrative career.

It is a known fact that STEM-kindred fields are considered the most sought-after career choices for fresh graduates. In the States, it is currently the leading industry in the job market that employs more than 7 million workers according to a survey by U.S Department of Education.

In another survey by the U.S Department Of Education, it is revealed that the job in STEM industry is going to increase by 14% in the year 2020. The statistics are self-explanatory to convince you about the about the growing popularity of the industry.

5 Undeniable Reasons Student Should Choose STEM For Higher Education!

Without making it sound any more scientific, let’s find out some of the potential benefit that you can get once you choose STEM as your degree subject:

1.      You Can Get The Best Learning Opportunities

Imagine you are inducted as an internee in National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) working with the best brains in a workshop. What can be more fun than rubbing shoulders with the astronauts and pilots in an aeronautical engineering facility?

And you can dream of working in the fantastic world of Google as an apprentice and brainstorming with the likes of Matt Cutts about a possible update in the algorithm. Sounds cool, huh?

2.      A Well-Paid Job

Compared to other jobs in the corporate sector, the professionals in STEM get meatier salary. We can quote here an analysis of pharmacists and marketing manager as an example. A pharmacist earns more money compared to a marketing manager working in the pharmacy’s industry. In other words, if you opt for a subject in STEM, you can ensure a financially-prosperous career in any field.`

3.      A Job In STEM Is Better than Any Other Subject

No offense, but there are more reasons to prefer STEM over other subjects. To start with, STEM provides you a look into how things work in our daily lives. Whether it is about the reasons why water boils at 100 degree, how anti-biotics fight in our body or how a car engine starts, STEM enables you to delve deeper into the things you deal in everyday life.

Besides, studying STEM widens your intellect and provides you more perspectives to a situation. So it is a kind of mental training that enables you to see more aspects of any subject.

4.      You Can Work As a Government Employee

Job security is one the many reasons students pursue a degree in STEM. The progressing science and technology departments in government sector of United States of America offer better and more secured employment opportunities to fresh graduate in STEM.

A government job means that you can enjoy the perks as student as well if you seeking a part-time Master’s program and cash in the student loan as well as other benefits of as a government official. No wonder so many students are choosing a degree in STEM without having second thoughts.

5.      You Can Build Transferable Skills

A degree in STEM is always applicable to other areas of fields as you accumulate several transferable skills during your course. So there will always be the possibility of switching industries. STEM makes you good at processing data and numbers that you can utilize in different occupations.

Similarly, you can make use of your technological literacy to adjust in a new company. In a nutshell, if you are a bachelor in STEM, you have a wide range of job roles to choose from.

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