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If you are responsible for maintaining the computer network of your company, or even just want to keep your own PC clean, you have to follow many steps. Some of them can be done manually more often, others might have some automated script, or perhaps there is some point of maintenance that you have escaped. Here are 7 important techniques which you must take care of, for a better experience with your PC.

1. Upgrade your operating system

This is Very important. Your operating system is the foundation on which all your applications are running. If it has problems, be sure that your applications will have the same. Incompatibility problems or virus infections can be avoided to a large extent by having an updated operating system. So always take care of your operating system, Update it whenever an official update is available. Also you should not practice getting operating system from unauthorised sources like pirated copies; It might have things which can blow up your PC!

 2. Update Drivers

Outdated drivers always create problems.  An outdated driver cannot interact with updated software. So always check for driver updated and remember that you should always download drivers from the manufacturer’s official website.

3. Update your software

This is very much similar to the above tip. If your software is out of date, you may find bugs already solved in the latest version, incompatibilities with other products already supported or patched and security problems that can compromise a workstation or across the network.

4. Eliminate unnecessary softwares

If you are having programs that are no longer used in the machines, it could cause problems. It not only consume disk space, but also creates the update problems, Since we are no longer using the software, we will not be thinking about their updation. So possibly the problem occurs as we mentioned earlier.

5. Updated and Configured Anti Virus

An updated antivirus, configured for periodic scans and active scanning of information managed by the user can avoid a lot of headaches. Please keep in mind the type of antivirus and hardware features of the machine, or else the medicine will be worse than the disease!

6. Check the event log

The PC can give you enough information about their status through their logs. For example, in the case of Windows, we have an event log in the administration machine (in Windows XP, right click My Computer / Manage / System Tools / Event Viewer). Here we can find a number of informative logs and notices to be aware of. So always check the event log and do what is necessary.

7. Make backups

Always make backups of your data. Because there are possibilities of losing them either by hard disk damage/operating system errors. In these situations losing of important datas can be cured by effective backups which were taken before the disaster occurred to your pc. So take care of your backups for safety and effective maintenance of your PC.

By following these 7 Tips and you can surely maintain your PC effectively. So start practicing the above mentioned tips from today itself!

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Eric Blair writes about computer netwoking and fiber optic technologies used when making Cisco GBIC modules.


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