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Do you often second-guess yourself about turning off or unplugging electronics at home after you’ve already left? Maybe you’re prone to misplacing and losing your keys. We’ve all be in that boat. Thankfully, there are several awesome solutions to these problems that far too many homeowners have.

20 Smart Home Technology Gadgets Ideas 2016

Smart products and devices to help secure homes have skyrocketed in popularity in the last couple of years. Being able to monitor and control several aspects of the home through a phone, tablet or laptop is something that many people want and need. It doesn’t hurt that these products are easy to install, simple to use and add tons of convenience for homeowners.  Take a look at these 20 ways on how to create a smarter, safer home.

1. Unlock Your Home Through Bluetooth on Your Phone

Get rid of those spare keys that are hidden in a flower pot. If you’ve got a Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone that’s either compatible with iOS or Android 4.3, then you can create and share keys with anyone you want. You’ll get notifications on your phone when your door is locked and unlocked.

2. Check Who’s Knocking Through an Electronic Peephole

Take a clear look at who’s knocking on your door without having them know you’re around. You can view in the regular mode or take a closer look by zooming in. See who your visitor is on a bright and clear LCD screen, even in low light.

3. Quit Guessing Who’s Around with a Presence Detector

No need to wonder if someone has entered or left your home. You’ll receive a text message or push notification on your phone when someone is within a designated area of your house. Are you expecting someone to be home at a certain time? This handy gadget can let you know if that person hasn’t come home by an expected time.

4. Add Convenience with Automated Window Coverings

Remember when you had to actually get up to close window blinds or curtains when you needed to? With automated window coverings, you can tap a button to open or close your shades. Many of them can be controlled through a handheld remote controller or a wall switch.

5. Regulate the Temperature with a Smart Thermostat

Perhaps you’re particular about having the right temperature set in your house. With this device, you can connect via Wi-Fi to your thermostat to set a temperature from your phone or laptop. If you’re keen on saving energy, the thermostat also turns itself down when you’re out of the house.

6. Turn On and Off Electronics Wherever You Are

There’s no need to worry about forgetting to turn off a fan or heater when you’re away from home. This device connects to your Wi-Fi network at home to allow you to control anything like lamps and TVs through your phone or tablet. Insert the switch into any outlet at home, plug in an appliance and then you can control that appliance wherever you go.

7. Add a Motorized Solar Shade to Take Your Home up a Notch

A motorized solar shade combines both beauty and brains—it makes your place look contemporary and it provides or hides sunlight just by hitting a button. Raise or lower the shade whenever you need to.

8. Know Right Away if Your Glass Has Been Broken

Be notified immediately of an accident or a potential break-in with a detector that can tell if your glass has been broken.

9. Use Your Fingerprint to Open Your Door

You won’t have to fumble with your keys or kick yourself for forgetting them anymore. Use your fingerprint as the way to unlock your door (you can store as many as 100 fingerprints if needed). To make your home even more secure, you can also program a PIN entry.

10. See What’s Happening at Home with a Video Monitoring System

Get a live view of the state of your home through your phone, laptop or tablet. See clear visuals, even in low light. You won’t have to wonder what’s going on in your home when you can see it live right on your device.

11. Add Complete Security with a Home Kit

Get notified when your friends, family and even vehicles are in and around your house. You’ll also know right away if any doors or windows are opened, and if there’s movement in the house while you’re away or asleep. With a home kit, you can prioritize what’s most important to you and what you want to keep track of.

12. Turn Your Phone into a Key

Just by touching the door lock with your smartphone, you’ll be able to open your door and enter your home in a snap. Browse through the history to see who has locked and unlocked the door. To make it even more convenient, you don’t need an internet connection to use this product.

13. Be Secure with a Door or Window Sensor

This easy-to-install sensor lets you know when your doors and windows have been opened. Monitor the status of these entryways when you need to on your phone or tablet.

14. Prevent Leaks from Happening with a Detection System

Water damage and floods in the home can be a very costly problem to fix and pay for. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to be in the know about problems such as leaks as soon as they pop up. With a water leak detection system, you’ll be notified through email or text messages of water leaks right away.

15. Brighten up Any Space with a Wireless and Bright Spotlight

Stay safe and prevent accidents from happening by installing a wireless spotlight around the house. A motion sensor turns the spotlight on and off and allows you to see your surroundings and where you’re going. All you have to do is pop in some batteries and place the spotlight in your desired location.

16. Monitor Your Baby Anywhere You Go

Being able to see and check-in on your baby from whatever location should provide you with tons of reassurance. Baby cameras and monitors of today are certainly not the same as before—you can view footage on your phone, receive notifications when your baby has woken up and much more. Family members can also have access to monitor your baby on their devices.

17. Control your Garage Door Remotely

If you’ve forgotten to shut your garage door, you can be alerted with this device. Through a mobile app, you can open and close the door with ease. Installation is fairly quick and can be done within minutes.

18. See what’s Happening Outside with a Surveillance Camera

When you have a sturdy surveillance camera that can handle anything from dust to snow, you’ll be able to see and capture footage in any state or condition. Keep an eye on what’s happening outside of your house, even when it’s pitch black out. Stay updated on your phone, anywhere you go.

19. Greet Your Guests Wherever You Are with a Virtual Doorbell

Get live video of who’s dropped by your place by checking on your phone or laptop. Not only can you see them, you could also talk to them through built-in speakers and microphone.

20. Use Your Voice to Stream Music through Wi-Fi enabled Speakers

Set the mood and tone right with the perfect music by tapping on the microphone button on this device. Then, ask for a song or a music genre and you’ll be able to stream music over Wi-Fi. You can also search and listen to the news through these speakers.


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