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Mobile phones are no longer just for calling and texting. Nowadays, with the help of an app, the phone in your pocket can pretty much do anything. For most this has meant that the average Android has been transformed into a mini game station. Angry Birds lead the way in reviving mobile phone gaming entertainment, however Android and iPhone have, of late, gone a bit old school. Those classic arcade games you played as a kid are making a comeback. Here’s a top ten of what’s available to you if you own an Android or iPhone.

1. Pacman

Perhaps the most famous Namco game, Pacman, is now available in app format so no matter where you are Mr Pacman and those four ghosts can provide endless hours of fun.

Download link at App Store

2. Snake 97

Download link at Google Play

The Daddy of mobile phone gaming, snake is incredibly simple. All you have to do is guide your snake around the screen without touching the sides. If you never experienced the joys of snake in its original Nokia format, then download and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed, it’s incredibly addictive.

3. Tetris

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Download link at Google Play

Tetris on your phone is a recipe for disaster. You may want to send out warnings to prepare your friends for the fact that they won’t be getting a text or call anytime soon. You may become a social recluse, but it’ll be worth it for that top score. There’s a reason this game is much loved across the globe.

4. Shoot Bubble

Download link at Google Play

Who could forget the classic arcade game Puzzle Bobble (aka Bust-a-Move)? It’s simple, addictive gameplay made it a huge arcade hit in the 80s. There are numerous similar games available for Android, but this is the best.

5. Classic Pong

Download link at Google Play

Download Classic Pong and take on your old nemesis, the computer. You’ll soon remember why this game upped your stress levels. It’s infuriating, but ever so addictive. For you newbies, the minimalist graphics may not be that impressive, but you’ll soon discover why this game was so popular.

6. Touhou Bomberman

Download link at Google Play

If retro arcade games are your thing then you’ll probably know Bomberman. Touhou Bomberman is the closest game you can get to the original on Android, don’t worry though it doesn’t differ that much from the original, there are still bombs.

7. Arkanoid Smash Brick

Download link at Google Play

Arkanoid Smash Brick does what it says on the tin. It is a game in which the purpose is to smash bricks, Arkanoid style. Launch the ball and manoeuvre your platform to hit the ball up into the bricks and smash them. Download today and let the nostalgia sweep over you.

8. 3D Invaders Beta

Download link at Google Play

The popularity of the original Space Invaders game has influenced the production of this 3D Invaders game. In this updated version of the game you tilt your screen to control your ship and save planet earth from alien invasion.

9. Radiant Free Invaders

Download link at Google Play

Radiant free is another alien invasion game. Your mission if you choose to accept, is to defeat the aliens, gain power ups and face the evil alien boss. All in a day’s work eh?

10. Street fighter II collection

Download link at App Store

Street fighter II was a classic 90’s game and Nintendo favourite amongst gamers. Download today and take out your work stress by Hadouken-ing your opponents.

And Finally… Game Boy Emulators

And if Street fighter has whet your appetite for other old school game classics then you may be pleased to know that your Android has the power to play Game Boy games. My personal favourite emulator is Gameboy Color A.D.. You have to find some way of obtaining the ROM of a game and then upload this ROM onto your phone. I won’t point you in the direction of ROM sites, but they are easy enough to find. Be warned: if you don’t already own the game, then downloading the ROM is illegal.

Author: Alfie Davenport works in the technology department at Ladbrokes Games. He has owned both Apple and Android phones over the years and has been an avid gamer on both platforms, although playing Game Boy games on his HTC One X is definitely his favourite.


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