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Network Security Basics For Your Home Business

Every home business needs to have excellent network security. Otherwise, the business may suffer data breaches and experience financial losses. The following four network security tools will protect your business against cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Network Security Basics For Your Home Business


No entrepreneur would operate their home business without locks and an alarm system. Equally important, no entrepreneur should operate their home business without a cutting-edge firewall. A firewall is the most basic network security program. It basically monitors all incoming and outgoing data to ensure safety and legitimacy. Ideally, the firewall will keep malicious programs out while still providing ample access to the Internet. Therefore, network firewalls are a must, along with hardware firewalls.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

No company can operate a network without having top of the line anti-virus and anti-malware programs. Every day, thousands of new viruses flood the Internet to potentially infect computers. However, every day major online security companies, such as Symantec, Bitdefender and Kapersky, release software updates that will recognize and remove the new threats. Additional, these programs also protect against spyware and identify theft. Spyware programs will steal personal information, which can include financial data and social security numbers. Therefore, every company should continually update and maintain anti-virus and anti-malware programs.

Content Filtering

Content filtering software allows the user to block specific or harmful sites. This software will enable the business owner to limit their employee’s access to certain sites. For example, social media sites that waste time and inappropriate sites that are non-productive. Even better, these sites will recognize and block sites that are harmful. Hackers and criminals often design harmful sites and send spam email or phishing attacks to trick unsuspecting users into entering the site. However, content filtering will eliminate this problem and increase productivity.

Wi-Fi Security

A home business office will need to have limited mobility. That is, the owner will need to be able to access the Internet anywhere in their home via a router (which you can purchase at a discount with AliExpress coupon codes on any product). Universal accessibility is convenient and easy to implement. However, a home-based Wi-Fi system will also need the appropriate intrusion prevention system (IPS), network access controller (NAC) and virtual private network (VPN). Additionally, the network and Wi-Fi system will also need physical security controls for computer equipment. This is especially true for home businesses open to the public.

Overall, every home-based business needs to have the highest level of network security in order to protect their data and avoid intrusions. Some of the best network security tools include firewalls, anti-virus programs, content filtering and Wi-Fi security programs.


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