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Last year small business owners took the ‘wait and see approach’ but 2016 is the year we ‘go for it!’ this is the year we become an authority in every right. We have to appreciate the fact that tech is a constantly evolving field and for us to keep up in our business ventures, we have to move with the flow.

7 Technologies All Small Business Owners Need To Implement

I Am Stanley Meytin and will now introduce you to a world of tech that is sure to propel your small business enterprise to levels of success that even you never thought possible.

Paperless Technology

First came the desktop computer, then the laptop and we are now in the era of the tablet which has made carrying your computer as easy as carrying a clipboard. Paperless archiving is a popular trend for not only cost saving but also organization, not to mention saving on space.

Massive Data Storage

Today, we have more data than ever at our fingertips. What does this mean? Knowledge is power and MONEY and as small business owners, we have to realize the potential of all the available information on the internet.

We can use the right data to narrow down and pinpoint our target customers, create accurate and well-informed business projections and consequently make well-advised decisions on all fronts.

Social Media Marketing

I like to think of social media as the answer to my marketing prayer. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that social media is all the rage and social media marketing is undoubtedly the most popular and most efficient way for us to connect with our customers and drive our sales through the roof.

The only challenge is that successful social media marketing requires a major time commitment as potential and existing clients respond best to businesses that stay active on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But, the returns you get will be well worth the effort!

Tailored Mobile Apps

This is another of my favorite small business technologies. You can find apps that can handle many of our administrative functions that otherwise eat up money and time. The most popular business apps are those that control remote document access, GPS navigation, travel planning and contact management.

Remarkably Fast Internet Technology

As small business owners, most of us rely on the internet for a significant chunk of our business operations, while some of us operate entirely online. Investment in high-speed internet is, therefore, a necessity for any small business enterprise as you are going to save a lot of time by using internet based operations and also save time by reducing downtime on unloading websites.

Mobile & Online Banking

Gone are the days of queueing in a bank to access banking services. Personally, I maintain a business account that I can access from my phone at any time of day. This is great in the sense that I am always able to keep an eye on my business’ financial situation and I can also take payments and transfer funds, all from my phone.

Cloud Computing and Remote Communications

Today you can run an entire business sitting behind a computer. Yes, you no longer need a physical office to do your business. You can use Dropbox, Google Docs, iCloud and other cloud storage sites to store valuable data and connect virtually to freelancers around the globe.

This year, you can significantly improve how you do business with the right tech choices for your company. Feel free to contact me, Stanley Meytin, for tech advice on how to take your small business enterprise to the next level.


Technologies for Small Business

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