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The CES show is being organized since 1995 but it is the first time that Microsoft, the once Bill Gates company didn’t attend the show. However, the reason why this million dollar company was not present at the show in not known yet. Still, absence of Microsoft didn’t disturb the popularity and craze of the show in anyways.

CES ShowThe show started last week in Las Vegasand continued successfully. CES or Consumer Electronics Show started with the purpose to give giant technological gadget manufacturers like LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony the opportunity to show their new, dazzling, cool and appealing gadgets. Every year as soon as the show starts giant business personalities from these companies step the dais and the press camera focus to on them to point out the moment of the arrival of next big gadget.

However, according to experts every year not all new discoveries could meet consumers’ expectation. The preferable NBT’s for last year was 3D TV (that can run different application and can connect to internet as well), LED TV and ultra-book (laptops that are thin, shiny and light). However, out of these the ultrabook couldn’t impress consumers that much as they preferred buying the old bulkier and cheaper laptops only. In addition, the research group, NPD found that even the Smart TVs also didn’t sell according to expectation. Consumers faced trouble while running the apps, plugging the TV and while using internet as well.

However, it doesn’t happen always as in 2011 the scenario was totally different. This year was for Motorola that introduced several new products like Atrix Phone, Xoom tablet, iPad Killer. The iPad was powerful as worked as a desktop PC.

However, the Atrix phone simply vanished as soon as it was exposed and the other three products- the Xoom, the playbook and the iPad sailed randomly. However, just after one year, in 2012 the product received hard blow from two other popular gadgets- Nexus 7 introduced by Google and Kindle Fire, introduced by Amazon.

Experts also suggest that Samsung has no other alternative in introducing latest gadgets with exclusive features every year. Almost every New Year the electrical company fromKoreavies with its Asian rivals like LG, Panasonic and Sony to highlight itself. Last year the company spent almost $11bn for advertising its products whereas Apple and Coca-Cola, worlds two other rich companies spent $1bn and $3bn only.

It is the first year however that Spokesperson of Microsoft, (Bill Gates once and now Steve Ballmer) didn’t start the show while giving key speeches. It is also being said that two other technology giants, Google and Apple are planning not to advertise their products through this platform any more, like what Microsoft has done.

What is being said rather that CES is becoming more than a source of entertainment than a technology gadget show. This year there was everything like giant shows, a replica of the famous Eifel Tower, roulette, giant shows, blackjack everything more than the presentation of new gadgets. Even some are commenting that this year CES was nothing but adult amusement expo only that represented the biggest porn stars across the world more than important and useful discoveries.


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