What is direct mail?
Direct mail can also be termed as mail order or direct marketing. The word direct is used because it means marketing to a certain specific clients or prospect. With the rise of internet use these days, almost everybody has an email address. These are the ones that they use to browse through sites online. Online businesses are hence taking this advantage to effectively reach the persuading and other marketing contents to the users who already logged into their websites. In some cases, the online marketers buy the email lists from other businesses online at a cost. They however ensure that the prospects are likely to buy.
Most of the cases, internet businessmen build lists of email addresses of those users who log in to the site. This is done by making sure that users submit their email addresses first before they are allowed to access the content online. Mail marketing hence uses the mails obtained to send messages, upcoming discounts and newsletters to the prospects. Since the users consider emails more seriously, the method of marketing is effective.
The use and role of direct mail
Sending adverts to the broadcasting companies and other offline distributors is not specific. It might take a lot of time to get to the limited amount of targeted prospects. Online marketers are considering to use Direct Mail Marketing to send their adverts to the prospects and customers directly. The popularity of direct marketing is rising each day despite the increase in postage. There is a lot that the businessman can incorporate in the mail he/she sends to the customers. The content however is focused to persuading the customers to accept the offers given or to purchase the products being advertised. These days, a wider range of services can be handled in direct mail. These include sending of coupons that allow the customers holding them to purchase the goods at a discounted price. Requests for nonprofit organization donations can also be sent via mail.
The elements consisted in direct mail marketing
Every effective mail marketing strategy consists of three basic elements. These are the offer, the package and the targeted audience email lists as well as databases. First, you have to incorporate something that will please the customer once he/she receives the mail. It is important to note that many email users will check into the best emails that look pleasing because they dint have the time to go through all of them. The other component is the audience. The marketer must be selective of the email recipients. It is better few recipients with higher expectation of conversions than a wide range of gambling. If the mail is being sent directly through offline channels, the package is a necessary element. It involves the use of envelopes and decorations to encourage targeted people to open and read the content. A gift is placed in the package as a further mean of encouraging readers.
Advantages of direct marketing
It is directed to certain intended people who are more likely to become customers. There is also testing done to proof whether the mail marketing strategy is appropriate or not. This will prevent losses. Measurability is of a higher degree.



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