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Today, by a new survey one founded that most of the consumers are interested in the apple branded televisions by paying almost 20% premiums on the existing price of the TV. This survey is done by AlphaWise as well as Morgan Stanley, the households regarding to smart TV market.  They found that there are only18 percent homes having smart TV and almost 13 percent of peoples do not have knowledge that whether their TV is considered as smart. The polls show you that all the smart TVs connects to the facility of internet which actually spend some time while accessing the content of internet by their TV.

apple televisionGet information regarding to different survey done in year 2010

The fact is that almost 47 percent are interested in the apple television and by survey according to data, there are almost 23 present of peoples who are interested in purchasing iphone and almost 21 percent people said that they are interested in getting ipad. There are 11 percent are very much interested in taking Apple television which easily translate to the 13 million potential units that are mainly sold in the United State.

Get knowledge about hardware features

It is essential to knowing about different potential hardware features that they are very much interested in the high screen quality from the apple television. Most of the consumers are interested in that device that should be easy to use especially when you are searching for the content. The one expert make a conclusion that the apples strategy does not focus on the content and many more on the operating system of the potential television set that are available.  She mainly believes that the company should deliver a strong experience by search, ease of use as well as control; well it should be different from the current sets, which are available on market.

Mainly people of 18 to 29 willing to pay more amount of premium

As per the survey done, we come to know that the age group of 18 to 29 are mainly pay more amount of premium for all the apple set available because the age group of this people have crave to have an apple set. Thy mainly love to have apple set because it can solve many of their problem in an easy as well as simple manner. You can acquire more information by searching on its website that is available on web for guiding the customers in a proper way.

See the post and comments for your full satisfaction

There are many rumors are spread in respect to apple television set but the site available on web, you can able to see various comments as well as post given by the customers who have used this product and get satisfied. By seeing all the post you can easily find out the merits as well as demerits of the product in a simple way. In the post, the people tell about their experience while using the product.


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