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How Important It Is To Create An Impressive Design For Your Business

Logo is one of the essential and integral elements that represent your business. It is not wrong to say that it is a face of your business. A well-crafted logo serves as a very important marketing tool for business. There are a few tips that will help in creating impressive and effective logo for a business.

How Important It Is To Create An Impressive Design For Your Business

What are the different types of logo?

Logos are generally found to be of four main categories. These are textual, illustrated, symbolic, and the last one is a combination of all the three types.

Textual logos

These logos basically make use of recognizable words such as Walt Disney. To captivate attention of people or to make a distinctive appearance, you can find the words in this logo in unique fonts, sizes, and shapes.

Illustrated logos

These logos are in the form of an illustration. One of the examples of this type of logo is combination of three different colors red, blue and white in circular form. For example: Pepsi Cola advertisement.

Symbolic logos

These logos have an abstract design. Most of the international logo are seen to portray this design. One such example is Nike’s swoosh.

Combination logos

This type of logo is the combination of all the types mentioned above. It can have words in different shapes, illustration, design, and space. One of the examples is “FedEx” with an arrow symbol and white space.

Qualities of a logo

  • Logo should be purposeful

Your business logo should be appropriate for the business in which you are dealing. A logo of a health care company should hold a different purpose than the company who is into insurance service. You need to make the logo meaningful by using all those attributes in it that would help in drawing in customers to your business.

Create a unique image that influences the person on the subconscious level and sets them apart from the competition. You will find several different types of graphic design logo ideas to suit the different attributes of a business.

  • Create a logo that portrays consumer loyalty

Repetition of the logo in the minds of people is the key to the growth of the business. In the corporate field, such repetition of images is also called as brand loyalty or consumer loyalty. Once you develop your logo, you need to repeat it as much as possible.

You can do this every time when your business is getting mentioned online or offline.  When people get a glimpse of your logo along with the name of the business, they will associate both of them. This will let more and more people identify your business just by looking at your logo.


A logo represents your business, its professionalism, principles, and values. As a logo establishes identity of a business, it is very important to pay in-depth attention to its design. Hiring a reputed logo design company proves to be immensely helpful for a business.


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