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Whether you create YouTube videos out of creative passion or need for profit, YouTube success of any kind is measured in views. If your video is not seen by anyone, you can neither spread your intended message nor make any money—which is dire news for YouTube vloggers, musicians and businesses alike. So the big question remains: how do you go about getting more viewers?

How To Get More YouTube Views With Virool

While one can try numerous uncertain methods to organically grow traffic, a simpler method is video advertising: there are several high-profile video advertising agencies on the web nowadays competing to be ‘the AdWords of Video’, of which Virool is emerging as the leader in the field. Virool allows you to implant your video across numerous websites and platforms on Virool’s network, providing invaluable advertising and views—but only if you think smart. Here is a quick primer on how to use Virool most efficiently to get more YouTube views for your video, increasing your chances of going viral and becoming a video star.

1. Play a Numbers Game

The most efficient way to get more YouTube views is through social sharing, but your video can’t be shared until people actually see it. By advertising through Virool, you create a base of views who then organically create even more views through sharing. You can pay for a thousand extra views via Virool, but if half of those people share your video (and then those people share it again) then you will actually be getting a thousand views to a factor of two or three. Views are a numbers game: it is all about maximizing the number of people sharing your video. Virool plays into this with spectacular ease.

2. Ensure your Content is of the Highest Quality

No amount of advertising can compensate for a poor video, so ensure whatever content you are choosing to market is of the highest quality—it should be informative, innovative and unique. Virool could showcase your video to millions of people, but it still will not go viral unless at least a proportion of those people find your video interesting enough to share. By keeping your videos short, pithy and pointed, you can help ensure that your money is not wasted on Virool, and that the service can make the most of your time, effort and money.

3. Balance your Budget

Unlike other video advertising services, Virool allows you to start advertising your video for as little as $10—making the service accessible for independent video-makers. Your budget however can be eaten up very quickly if you do not allocate money efficiently, so spend wisely. Think carefully about how much money you want to spend on a particular video and also what you hope to gain from making said video go viral. In concert with tip two and tip four, you will get more for your money if you spend it on your highest quality videos with the greatest chance of viral success, and also target that particular video with deadly accuracy. By thinking about every dollar you spend, you can maximize your Virool gains.

4. Target your Audience

If you are producing cookery videos for middle-aged mothers, then there is little point in showcasing your videos on websites or platforms aimed at children and the elderly. To get the most bang for your buck, so to speak, you must seriously review who you consider your target audience to be, and invest appropriately. By plugging in specifics about your target audience (from gender to age to interests), you can use Virool with spectacular efficiency. In this way, you corner markets that are already open to your product and therefore are more likely to find it interesting in the first place and therefore share it with their like-minded friends or followers.

5. Rinse and Repeat

Unless you are extremely lucky, it is unlikely that one video will propel you to instant fame and acclaim. You must refine your craft, whatever craft that may be, by producing multiple videos and continuing to build your online presence. If you launch several videos, you are multiplying your chances that at least one will gain traction in the online community. Success begets success, and one popular video can drive traffic to other videos on your YouTube channel—driving an increase in both your generally popularity and your revenues.

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