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Like any machine, you can find some serious faults in your loader machine too.  These faults can be related to different parts of the machine such as transmission system, engine, power, oil leakage, cylinder, wiring, axle, etc. These faults can occur due to prolonged use of the machine or inefficient care.
In this article, we have compiled a list of few of these faults and their solutions.
If the transmission is less efficient in the forward direction or won’t drive in the reverse direction
Both these issues are due to the damage in the forward clutch pack. It can only be corrected by performing overhauling. When the clutch part fails to perform, such issues will crop up. Clutch pack could have failed due to one or both below mentioned reasons.

  • Due to the failing of the torque converter, it doesn’t allow required ‘slip’ to occur.
  • Due to heat or excessive clearances by damaged plates, the belville washer presents in the forward pack damages into pieces. This leads to permanent lock up of the forward pack. So when the person selects the reverse, the transmission gets to lock up to drive in the forward direction and reverse direction at the same time. http://www.repairloader.com/c.php/JCB will give you immediate access to several downloadable manuals in PDF and other DIY instructions to keep your vehicles in best working condition.

My machine does not have adequate pushing power
The cause of this issue is either related to transmission slipping or engine power. To get a clear picture, it is advisable to carry out a “Stall Test” to thoroughly test the engine under varying loads, hydraulics and the transmission.
JCB Backhoe Service Workshop Manual offers an extensive and trusted range of manuals for instant downloading. Not only you benefit by saving time and money by doing it on your own but also develop skill and confidence.
What to do when the transmission does not go into gear?
As the powershift transmission is monitored and controlled by electrics or mechanical or hydraulics drive; it is important to inspect these areas to come to the conclusion properly. To find whether the problem is in the electrics, you need to check the state of fuses and relays.
You would also need to check the wiring continuity to control shorts and valve to ground. Inspect the FNR controller and the resistance coil present at transmission control valve. To find any hydraulics fault, you need to inspect the hydraulic fluid and whether it has been cleaned on a regular basis or not. Ensure that there is no fluid or oil leakage and cracks in the hydraulic system.
To identify any mechanical related issue, check the mechanical parts of the loader such as an axle, bearings, cylinders, etc. for any damage or rust on them.  JCB manuals for instant download will give you all the information you need to perform the job instantly.
If you find any of these issues, then it is best to get them repaired soon. Proper and timely maintenance of your tractor will increase its life and also saves you from costly repairs and huge expenses in future.


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