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The very thought of moving from one place to another, is enough to give one sleepless nights. Yet at times it becomes inevitable and compulsory to move from one place to another. When this movement is within the same city, it is just a matter of transferring your movables. But in cases when the transfer is in different cities, there are a lot of things complications which need to be taken into account and sorted.

However, in both the instances the movement of the household goods and furniture is the major concern. This is where the services of professional firms actively involved in packing and moving, should be availed of. With the major aspect being taken care of, it becomes easier to concentrate on other things like shifting of bank accounts, looking for schools for kids etc.

Choose a Firm in your Own City

Since the transportation is from the current place of stay to a new place, it is always best to choose movers and packers who are based in the current city. In fact, once a query is given and the firm will generally respond with certain queries of its own. When the firm is based in the same city as you currently reside, it becomes easier for them to give an accurate estimation, after a brief perusal of the items to be shifted has been done.

Packaging of Furniture and Other Items

Packaging is the most important work of a firm specialising in moving services. This is primarily because the items in a house vary in shape, size and nature. Hence the same type of packaging cannot be done for all the items. The nature of the thing packed, also dictates the method of packaging. Thus there are different types of boxes used for packing like:

  • The standard box: This comes in standard sizes with the smallest being 1.5 cubic foot, the medium being 3 cubic foot and the large being 4.5 cubic foot.

  • Wardrobe box: This box is specially made with a horizontal bar put across it. This prevents the box from sagging in the middle and wrinkling up the clothes put inside.

  • Glassware box: This box is specially partitioned so that the glass dishes, bowls, glasses, cups etc., do not bump against one another. This prevents them from breaking and enables the transporter to shift them intact.

  • Television Box: Flat screen TV with its LCD or LED screen is extremely vulnerable to breakage. Thus special care needs to be taken when transporting the same and heavy duty extra thick and stiff cardboard boxes are used for them. These boxes are also used to pack other fragile items like framed pictures, mirrors etc.


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