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The Benefits Of Colocation

Colocation offers companies the benefits of a dedicated server without having to keep servers on-premise. A colocated server is held in the rack space at a colocation facility and is usually set up through a hosting company service. Occasionally, a company may purchase its own dedicated machine and have it placed in a colocation facility. Colocated servers acquire basic maintenance and gain certain benefits such as more reliable uptime.

How does Colocation differ from other Services?

Dedicated on-premises servers require IT maintenance on a consistent basis. The server can go down, require updates or simply need to be backed up at regular intervals, and an on-site IT department will be needed to meet these needs. Colocated servers are maintained at the colocation site. There are a variety of services that fulfill different needs. Some servers are fully managed and other servers have only the barest of management, depending on your personal needs and your budget.

Even servers that don’t have comprehensive management are still ensured uptime, are offered technical support and usually have redundant backups. When a dedicated on-premises server goes down, the company is required to fix the issues. When a dedicated colocated server goes down, the company has a technical support department that they can turn to.

The Benefits Of Colocation

What are the benefits of Server Colocation?

Smaller companies benefit from colocation over dedicated servers because it requires less IT maintenance and thus is more cost-effective. A small company that has a small or even no IT department will not be able to manage an on-premises server but may still have significant technology needs. A colocated server gives a company the ability to leverage this technology without having to invest a significant amount of money in maintenance, administration and troubleshooting.

Many companies are now finding that they need to expand their technology, but they cannot afford to hire staff to manage it. For this reason, colocated servers are gaining in popularity. The popularity of cloud services is also bolstering the popularity of colocated servers, as colocated cloud structures can be set up and maintained.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Colocated Service?

Colocation is, generally, a very beneficial type of service. There are a few negatives to the service, but they are minimal and many companies will not find them significant. Colocation may cost more money than a dedicated on-premises server if advanced maintenance and technical support options are selected, but this is really based on the service provider. Many business owners are not aware that colocation, especially more extensive colocations, can be negotiated. Colocation does mean that you are at the mercy of the colocation provider, and if the colocation provider is not reliable or does not offer the best technology, you may feel the effects.

If you’re looking for the benefits of a dedicated server without having to maintain it, a colocated server is an excellent compromise. The majority of the downsides represented by a colocated system are almost completely mitigated by choosing the right colocation service. By finding an affordable, reliable and trustworthy colocation service, you can create a technology solution that doesn’t have to break your budget.



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