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Co-Opting Technology Into Real Estate Management
When it comes to real-estate, the sort of applications you’re looking for are going to be of the mobile variety. As a business, you need to be able to search for listings by region, and then examine them. If you’re confined to an office, this considerably diminishes flexibility. If you’re trying to get properties sold, you want to make it convenient for buyers.

Buyers want to go out in a day and look at multiple properties. The savvy ones won’t make any binding decisions until they’ve considered a previously established number of possibilities. As a general rule of thumb, looking at a minimum of five properties before a purchase is a wise move. Reflectively, we’ll go over five of the top real estate marketing apps:

  1. Evernote

    Evernote is incredibly popular. This mobile application allows real estate agents to keep careful track of varying outlines, lists, and notes. Such information can be accessed in a decentralized way. The application conducts itself through the internet, so any changes you make on it are accessible from whatever tech you use to log on, provided you’ve got a good connection.

When you’ve got a lot of information on a given property, there are search tools available that can use keywords to help lock-on to varying data. This app is available on Apple and Android devices. When you’re in the field, you can collect information on properties and access it as necessary, helping you organize properties and client impressions when showing real estate.


  1. Periscope

    Originally a Twitter app, Periscope has a specific real estate benefit in that it allows agents to connect directly with prospective clients through video. Live video is recorded through the app that can be directly integrated into twitter accounts. You can show a home to thousands of clients just by walking through and “periscoping” the property.

Whether you’re communicating with a single individual, or multiple individuals, periscope provides dramatic exposition into what you’re showing. Live presentations, webinars, and more are possible. Android and iPhone options exist.

  1. OpenHome Pro

    OpenHome Pro is configured for Apple users. It’s a great tool for realtors that are seeking to more effectively manage leads. This app will capture leads with you and can be configured to send follow-up messages through emails that are personalized with contact information or other pertinent data you’d like to communicate. Social sharing options are also possible.

When you’re trying to increase traffic for varying social media, or for websites, this is a great app to use. Especially in communities that are rapidly expanding, such options are key. Right now in Texas, there’s a lot of expansion, and for realtors, this can be essential in helping you sell homes throughout varying Dallas neighborhoods.

  1. Roomscan

    With Rooms, a realtor can go into a warehouse, home, apartment, duplex, or other property and easily get an idea of available floor plan measurements. Basically, Rooms can is an augmented reality scanning application. Lasers measure an area, and what they produce is something that can be exported as a file without any extra cost. It’s iPhone-only at present.

  2. GoConnect

    CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, represents a key echelon of client managing software for modern businesses today. Real estate agents can really benefit from effective CRM software.

GoConnect is a mobile CRM app that helps brokers design action plans of a customizable kind, notify prospects with reminders, follow up on leads, and more. It’s available on Android and iPhone Devices.


Finding Effective Mobile Apps For Your Real Estate Firm
Real estate has always been a turbulent area of business, even before modernity. Economic factors, foreign intrigue, weather patterns, and that which is unpredictable all come into play as pertains to how varying markets shift over time. If you’re going to be competitive with other real estate firms, you’re going to need the best tools for the job.

The five applications noted here have a variety of purposes and can be used in a variety of ways. They’re all designed for mobile utility, which is good for you and prospective clientele. As technology develops, more apps like these will become available. It makes sense to find those which your firm can handle, and keep them updated.  


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