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Business means profit and loss. It’s all about accounting that includes calculating and managing regular expenses, incomes, paying taxes, employees’ payments, estimating and sending invoices to the customers, etc. Accounting is one of the crucial jobs that need to be paid extra attention. You may struggle every month or week to generate the invoice and send it to the customer. However, the problem was solved when accounting software and applications evolved. Today, a huge number of accounting software and online applications are available with different features, to make the accounting process hassle free. QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software, which comes as a web-based application also. It allows you to stay without stress, as it will do all the accounting works at a go. Besides QuickBooks Support, there are few other applications available on the web.


FreshBooks is one of the best replacements for QuickBooks Online. This application is solely focused on invoice generating and sending, for small businesses. QuickBooks can manage all accounting tasks, no matter how small your business is or you have large number employees. It is easy to use, which means no headaches to do invoicing. Never underestimate ease of use. It also gets merge with Basecamp Classic, Salesforce, MailChimp, Zendesk, Constant Contact, etc.


AcceptPay has newly added as invoicing service provider from American Express. The full version AcceptPay accepts online payments, eChecks, ACH and merges with QuickBooks, and for $30 per month you can avail the service.


Ballpark is another online invoicing application, which believes that customer relationship demands communication. It comes at 6 dollar per month.


BillingBoss is completely free and web based invoicing tool, ideal for both small business and freelancers. There you can operate the existing merchant account, with special Payment Plus option at $5 per month.


BillingOrchard provides auto-invoicing features, which is popular among the customers. This solution is perfect for recurring billing. After 15-days free trial the service gets available at $9.95 per month for lite version and $14.95 for standard version.


CannyBill offers web-based invoicing and billing solution. It allows you to create a complete free account that can generate up to 10 invoices per month. The small business plans ranging from $7 per month. For enterprise level, the pricing goes up to $29 per month.


Cashboard is free, and tracks financial time and generate invoice, send estimates and accept payments online. Their “Dynamic” version starts at $10 per month plan. They provide a free life plan too.


CurdBee is web based billing software, ideal for freelancers and small business. You can enjoy free unlimited invoicing.  It can integrate with Google Checkout and Paypal.  Its Premium level costs $5 per month.  It allows you to take a look with the demo version.

The Invoice Machine

The Invoice Machine is elegant, and allows you to perform all the online invoicing functions. Add line items into the invoice, with tools or manually. You are allowed to create an email invoice or enclose a PDF one. Their plans start at $12 per month.


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