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Your company invests heavily in the expensive monthly hosting bill, so it’s essential for you to take every precaution to select the best hosting company. So, how to obtain a better dedicated server hosting service for your business? What are some of the issues you must consider before choosing a dedicated server hosting service?

There are a lot of reasons you must get dedicated web hosting appropriate for your gaming group. For one, getting a clan hosting provider allows you to get a hosting provider that understands your requirements. Since these hosting providers know the communication requirements of gaming communities, tailoring of hosting solutions are easily provided and offered by these hosting firms. Various software popular among gaming group websites such as bulletin boards, forums, chat are likely to be configured and included in your clan hosting plan. And even if your clan or guild does not require all of the mentioned options, it still makes a lot of sense that you position your clan for possible expansion in the future. Selecting the appropriate clan hosting provider allows you to spare yourself of future worries in case your clan decides to use new features, or grows in numbers.

When looking at a dedicated server host, look at the functions the company will provide you, such as the quality of customer support service, amount of bandwidth or security, or reputation of hosting servers. Consider getting dedicated web server hosting services for your online business, learn how to:

1. Get higher bandwidth and reliable uptime with dedicated servers.

You must choose a higher bandwidth dedicated server hosting plan if your business website get high traffic daily. It’s particularly true if your website will be doing a lot of live streaming, such as running Flash video or audio. Using a dedicated web server hosting enables you to increase your bandwidth when your business is growing. HostRocket‘s dedicated server hosting offers 1000 GB Tier 1 bandwidth, and guarantee 99.5% Network Uptime. Their technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year is run by a highly trained support team. If something does go wrong HostRocket have a one hour Hardware Replacement SLA.

2. Use a secure dedicated server host for your business website.

Security is another important function you must have for your website to ensure that no one can hack into your system. Web hosting vendors will make sure you have top-notch security, such as intrusion prevention, enterprise firewall, and anti-virus. Arvixe‘s Dedicated Class provides nightly security updates service that will be monitored for performance during and after these updates by our technical support staff.

3. Choose a hosting vendor that can offer quality customer support service.

Timely support is important for superior service. So, try to choose a hosting service provider who can provide you with knowledgeable support in case you need it. You must enjoy 24/7 customer support from your dedicated hosting service providers. Also, look for a host whose network can re-route traffic if and when the connection goes down. Multiple server connections are a must. Always select a hosting service that guarantees superior quality bandwidth. DreamHost Web Hosting offers service level agreements that guarantee that the network uptime is 100% and offers 24/7 email technical support service.

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