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Designing an awesome logo is easy, right? Well it can be, but creating a brand that is true to your values is a different story entirely. A great logo is more than just text beside a fancy graphic. Your logo is the image of your entire brand and will symbolize what you and your company stand for.

Today, I want to share with you 4 crucial tips that will help you design a logo that will help your business grow.

Unique and Creative

In business, you need to separate and distinguish your company from its many competitors. Your logo will be the first step in doing that. Consumers today are exposed to thousands of advertisements and logos each day. Having a generic, run-of-the-mill logo will ensure you get lost in the ocean of competing brands.

Be sure to design a logo that communicates the values of your business and clearly shows what service you offer. You can play around with designs by using a free logo maker or hire a cheap freelance designer to explore some ideas.

Choose the right colors

I have already touched on the importance of communicating your brand values. Since, color has been known to be the most memorable aspect of a logo you have to make sure you understand the psychology of colors and choose the right ones for your logo.

Different colors evoke different emotions, be sure to use the guide below to pick a relevant palette.

  • Red evokes excitement, youthfulness, and boldness
  • Orange evokes friendliness, cheerfulness, and confidence
  • Yellow optimism, clarity, and warmth
  • Green evokes peace, growth, and health
  • Blue evokes trust, dependability, and strength
  • Purple evokes creativity, imagination, and prudence
  • Gray evokes balance, neutrality, and calmness

Keep it simple

You will hear this tip from every graphic designer out there and I am not afraid to stress this point again. The mistake most of my clients tend to make is trying to do too much. It is natural for us to want a logo that is high-end and fancy, but often we end up achieving the opposite. Simplicity is memorable. Look at any major corporation in the world, they always have simple logos. Not only is a complicated logo difficult to remember, it is difficult to use in many formats. If you intend to grow your company, you need a logo that will look amazing in black & white as well as on a colorful billboard.

When you design your logo, think of brands like Apple and Amazon. They are leaders in modern design and they take simplicity to a new level.


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