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Businesses around the world use ERP systems to integrate their operations and to keep the entire company on one page. But those ERP systems can be rather costly and may not even work. If you’re a start up, chances are you can’t afford a sophisticated one of those quite yet. That doesn’t mean you can’t use technology to your benefit at all. XNSPY is a mobile spying application designed for ease of access and compatibility with Android and iOS devices. This means it is within the reach of every company. Here are more benefits of using it.

You Get to Know Where They Are

First thing you can do with a mobile monitoring app is you can track your employees. Through the GPS system, you are able to see exactly where all your employees are at any point during office hours. This is especially useful to businesses that involve a lot of logistics—like courier companies, or pizza places, or any company with outbound employees. You are able to know where they are currently, and where they have been throughout the day. Moreover, you can place geo-fences so you receive alerts anytime the fence is crossed.

You Get to Read all Correspondences

Another great feature of XNSPY is that it gives you the ability to read through all messaging communications. This includes:

  • Sent and received email
  • Sent and received mail on Gmail
  • Whatsapp messages
  • Viber chats
  • Kik chats
  • Skype conversations
  • Line chats
  • iMessages
  • Sent and received SMS

So basically, the app covers all basis of chats and written communication that can take place on the employee’s device. This way, there is transparency in the company, and you can avoid instances of fraud and miscommunication.

5 Benefits Of Using Mobile Spying Application In Your Company

You Get to Record Business Calls

Sometimes employees have to make important business calls for you because you’re simply too busy. Perhaps you’re in another meeting. Perhaps you’re out of town. But this doesn’t have to mean you won’t get to stay in the loop of that business call at all. XNSPY has call recording, so you are able to keep a copy of all the business calls made in your absence. You’ll know exactly what clients were contacted and what events occurred when you were gone.

You’re Always One Step Ahead

Most importantly, with a mobile spying application, you will always stay one step ahead of your staff. As the boss, you need to have a 360 degree view of whatever goes on in your company. That is exactly what XNSPY gives you. Once installed in the company owned devices, you are able to keep an eye on all your staff in a remote and non-intrusive way. Your employees can carry on their work without you breathing down their necks. This will also encourage self-management, making your employees both individualistic and mutually dependant on each other. Your company is set for good things with the right tools!

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5 Benefits Of Using Mobile Spying Application In Your Company               5 Benefits Of Using Mobile Spying Application In Your Company


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