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These days many private jets provide the ultimate in luxury and comfort thanks to the use of cutting edge technology. The new breeds of private jets are rather like five-star hotels in the sky, with exceptional services and high class facilities. Modern private jets use cutting edge technology to make flying a pleasure rather than a chore. In fact, they are so comfortable it is easy to forget that you are even in an airplane. Private jet hire companies offer a variety of different jets to charter. Here are some of the most advance jets available today.

Cutting Edge Technology Found In Modern Luxury Jets

Private Jets with Cutting Edge Technology

The new Bombardier Global* Express XRS private jet is one of the fastest available for business or recreational travel. The jet can travel faster and further than any other plane in its class, thanks to cutting edge aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. The jet has a new enhanced vision system that enables pilots to navigate unfamiliar airports with unwavering confidence. The jet also has a cutting edge cabin pressure system that substantially decreases cabin fatigue. The cabin is also considered the best with more windows for natural light, and cutting edge seats that provide the ultimate in comfort.

Emirates are now offering a new luxury private jet charter that can be chartered for holidays or business travel. The Emirates Executive plane contains two zones. The first zone is a wide dining area and executive lounge area that is situated at the front of the plane. The first zone is able to seat up to 12 people and has both a work and rest area. There are two large and very comfortable sofas that surround four tables. These are also two 42 inch digital television screens. The second zone contains 10 first-class private suites that provide the ultimate in comfort. Each seat can be reclined flat and has a 32 inch TV screen. One of the most innovative aspects of the private jest is the Shower Spa that features under floor heating, marble accents and there is a variety of high-class skincare products that passengers can use. The Emirates Executive plane is like a five-star hotel in the sky with an exceptional service and elegant interior design. The jet is a brand new Airbus 319 that uses cutting edge navigation technology for shorter flights. The system will eliminate the need for holds during lights, and creates a smoother continuous descent approach. This system reduces noise and this combined with the jet’s noise reduction system significantly increases passenger comfort. The Airbus 319 also has an ambient lighting system that passenger can adjust to their liking. The jet is also more environmentally friendly than most other jets thanks to its cutting edge aerodynamics. The Jet features large wingtips known as ‘Sharklets” that reduces fuel consumption by four percent. The jet is fitted with the new A320neo new engine, which creates fuel savings of up to 15 per cent, along with huge reductions in CO2 and NOx emissions. The Emirates Executive Plane can be chartered by up to 19 people and represents the cutting edge in comfort, facilities and technology.


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