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According to recent surveys, 62% of businesses own a blog while the number of individuals who are earning by blogging is very hard to determine. It should be obvious than, that blogging is a very lucrative and amassed activity motivated by a number of reasons ranging from advertising to making a mark on the crowded web space. It should be mentioned, though, that blogs are capable of providing their owners with the mentioned benefits only in if they are able to catch attention of at least 250 unique visitors each day. Let us see how that can be pulled off.

Aim the Audience More Likely to Share

You must be aware that not all visitors will be willing to become your evangelists. Solve this problem by directing your content towards the ones who will. Namely, some writing styles, topics, content, and indeed headlines types are playing better than others with particular communities. It may require a bit of research and frequent visits to competing blogs, but once you manage to identify regular and heavy content distributors amongst your visitor base, you will have easier job creating shareable content and boosting the blog traffic.

5 Killer Tactics To Catch Attention On Your Blog

The Virtue of Being Social

Did you know that today, Facebook has approximately 1.55 billion active users? Couple that with Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest, which are all attracting hundreds of thousands of unique visitors each month on their own, and you will get a rock solid audience to promote your blog to. The very presence will, however, not be sufficient. Use these methods to exploit social networks to their fullest potential.

  • Populate your profiles with diverse and quality content. More quality information, more successful the account will be.
  • Connect with followers. It is of the utmost importance that their opinions are noticed and given thought to. Also, you should use hash tags and searches, participate in interesting conversations, and encourage others to do the same.
  • Share both yours and others’ content. It will help your profile stay relevant. Be sure, though, to repost your own content several times.

5 Killer Tactics To Catch Attention On Your Blog

Make the Blog SEO Friendly

Each day, Google alone processes more than 3.5 billion searches . Given the development so far, those numbers are only expected to grow in the following years. Still, numerous bloggers are afraid to utilize SEO fearing that it will interfere with their writing. That, however, is not the case. Sure it takes some research and practice, but once you learn how to marry keywords and creative writings, you will be able to tremendously improve the search ranking of your website.

If you are using some of the SEO-friendly platforms like WordPress, your results will be even better. Also, make sure your website is optimized for smartphone access. Ever since the April 15 and the controversial algorithm update, Google is behaving much more favorably towards mobile-friendly websites.

5 Killer Tactics To Catch Attention On Your Blog

Add Photos, and Illustrations to Your Posts

Benefits are twofold. Not only the hosting of images (you can even use some third-party service, like Flickr) will massively improve the enjoyment of your visitors; it will also generate more traffic through search engines’ “Image Search” functionality. Just be sure that images are actually looking good. If you are not adept enough to use the latest Photoshop, you can always give your images quick tuning with some useful mobile app like EyeEm.

Get Celebrity Endorsement

It does not even have to be someone huge, just local celebrity or another influential blogger – In other words, anyone with sufficient number of followers. Whether you are going to achieve that by offering that person to guest-write for your blog, or you are just going to ask to be frequently shared on social networks largely depends on that very person. The result will, however, be the same. You will get instant credibility boost and wider exposure.

5 Killer Tactics To Catch Attention On Your Blog

To sum it all up, blog can be insanely useful tool for improving one brand’s reputation in the online environment, but only if it is capable of making someone actually read it and share its content. Use the tips we gave you and that job will be made much easier.


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