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5 Of The Most Useful Android Apps

Whether you use an Android or iOS based mobile device, you will appreciate all that the modern app has done to provide convenient bits of software that have useful daily applications.

You’ve probably already decided which are the best for you but we’re going to give you a few more that you may have never heard of that just may end up revolutionising the way you use your mobile device.

5 Of The Most Useful Android Apps

CamScanner: CamScanner gives you the ability to take a photo with your phone or tablet and then instantly convert it into a PDF document. It used to be the case that this procedure required a multipurpose printer with a scanning function or a dedicated piece of hardware like those large commercial printing systems you often see around the workplace. Not anymore.

PDF quality is dependent on how good you are at taking photos but once you’ve used this app once, it’ll be installed within your smartphone forever.

Google Maps: Sure, who doesn’t use Google Maps for all of their location finding needs. This app is that good that most people don’t bother with a standalone navigation unit in their cars anymore, opting for a dash mount and their smartphone instead. Map updates are automatic and free too so if you haven’t already made the switch, consider doing so.

A little trick is that you’re able to download maps for offline use in case you have a limited data plan or frequently travel in poor signal areas.

Google Translate: Another obvious choice. Google’s web based search engine has a translation function but this app allows you translate languages whilst offline and without an internet connection. Better yet, this app will allow you to utilise your phone or tablet’s camera to translate text. Struggling to read signs on holiday? That will become a thing of the past.

Every modern language you could possibly think of is available for download so if you haven’t already, make sure you add this app to your repertoire.

Google Photos: Once upon a time, every smartphone came with a decent gallery app that allowed you to view your media. Not these days, but thankfully Google Photos works much better than most. Photos can be uploaded as soon as they are taken and then forever stored in the cloud. This means that you can access them on other devices such as your computer.

Best of all, cloud based storage means you can free up some of that much needed space on your device.

WiFiAnalyzer: This app allows you to analyse the Wi-Fi networks around you for signal strength and network security. Great if you frequently use public Wi-Fi hotspots and need to choose the best to ensure stable connectivity.

All of these apps are worth using, but if you’re after something bespoke or think you could do better, why not consider building your own? Contact a mobile app dev in Sydney to see how they could help you build your dream app. You just might end up creating the next Pokémon Go or Angry Birds.

If you would rather not jump in at the deep end, there are many developer tools available to give you a taste of app development.


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