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In recent years, technology has made significant leaps in Artificial Intelligence (AI), gradually imbuing its applications in every aspect of our lives. One of the areas it has impacted the most is e-commerce.

With the e-commerce industry now competitive more than ever, the need for superior management tools to optimize e-commerce websites has become imperative for the ultimate success of any online business.

AI Industry revenue will reach $59.8 billion by 2025

Many innovations have come in the form of sophisticated self-learning software, tools and extensions to help online merchants streamline their e-commerce operations, automate tasks, predict outcomes and even anticipate consumer needs. These AI interventions have helped businesses significantly in minimizing their costs and increasing their revenues.

From content curation and language processing to security management and emotional analysis, a growing number of AI plugins use machine learning to boost their host’s performance and bring amazing results in shorter timelines.

In this blog, we will share the top 8 AI based plugins that WordPress, a leading CMS platform has to offer. And are being used by almost each web design Dubai agency or agencies from all around the globe.


Developed by IBM, WatsonFinds was designed to study the impact of content on the reader’s emotions. For marketing experts, the relation between emotions and content is critical in determining if the brand is achieving its KPIs or not. It uses the WordPress post editor interface to analyze your content and calculate an emotional score based on key content factors.

So if you think your content is not up to the mark, WatsonFinds is a brilliant tool to revitalize your website’s engagement. However, WatsonFind’s accuracy is still an open debate. Since it uses data as a metric for accuracy, the more data is available the better results it will give.

61% of marketers say artificial intelligence is the most important aspect of their data strategy

Word Lift

No AI plugin list is complete without mentioning Word Lift. The plugin was built on the idea of processing and organizing human language to improve your website’s content. A good website content means stronger SEO, better Search Engine indexability, and sounder user experience. It works by understanding human language and suggesting tips to improve the content according to the user’s preferences. Word Lift provides online merchants with facts, visuals, links and other forms of content to make their web copy more appealing. Moreover, it makes the content compatible with Schema markup to boost its SEO capability and provides your audience with helpful recommendations to increase retention.

84% of marketing organization have implemented AI and machine learning in 2018

After Deadline

After the Deadline is undoubtedly one of the most popular and the most advanced AI driven content plugins for WordPress. It’s content checking algorithm is so sophisticated that it even takes the liberty of explaining your mistakes to you. Whether its misused words, grammatical errors and structural flaws or clichés, styling mistakes, and biased languages, After the Deadline filters the content without prejudice.

Its great tool to get your post out in short deadlines without the need to spend extra hours in checking it. Moreover, the AI trains itself from previous mistakes, making content checking process more accurate with time.

Marketers waste 5 hours and 36 minutes trying to improve their data processes (and fail)


While WordPress’s security has never been its stronger side, advanced AI plugins like Quttera have done a decent job preventing the CMS from getting a bad rap in the community. Quttera uses AI and cloud technology to scan, track and source malware such as trojans, worms, backdoors, viruses, code injections, spyware and other forms of digital pests. With machine learning capabilities, it recognizes threats overtime and generates advanced protocols to preemptively tackle threats that might happen in the future. It’s also the perfect diagnostics tool if your site has ended up on Google’s blacklist. Once you have a source, you can easily implement remedial measures to get your site up and running.

AI could prevent 86% of cyber-attacks and security threats

Google Language Translator

With international markets now closer than ever, reaching out or selling to target audiences often comes with the struggle of language preferences. Google Language Translator is a smart plugin that uses AI machine learning to improve its translations and make them understandable. Featuring over 90 different languages, you can easily install and enable the plugin for your web pages either by widget or shortcode. While the translations are subject to slight inaccuracies, it makes a great addition to your WordPress website for reducing bounce rates and improving conversions.

More than 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020

WordPress Darwin Pricing Plugin

Geo-targeting is one of the most effective techniques for improving your store sales by offering special deals, exclusive offers, and discounts for specific locations. Darwin Pricing was created from the very essence of geo-targeting, allowing WordPress store owners to segment their customers and run varying sales campaigns based on customer’s regional preferences. Against the traditional approach of ‘one size fits all,’ Darwin pricing uses AI to conduct geo-targeted sales campaigns by actively monitoring your competition and optimizing your product discounts accordingly. By collecting price data, the AI performs statistical analysis for each location to help you offer various pricing incentives such as coupons to entice customers. Once Darwin Pricing has collected sufficient data, it can come up with its own recommendations and point out different business development opportunities for you.

72% of business leaders termed AI as a “business advantage”

Did You Mean

404 pages are a major turnoff. Even the best of websites can experience 404 pages and leave your user with no option but to bounce off your page. Did you Mean is a module that uses AI to find the most contextually similar post from your website and display it on any 404 pages on your website. This not only prevents users from bouncing off but gives you the perfect time frame to repair your 404 pages and take it back live.

44% of consumers don’t even realize they’re already using AI platforms

Live Chat 24/7

Live Chat is one of the best strategies for increasing user engagement lead generation. Instead of exchanging lengthy emails, live chat services help customers get answers to their questions in real time. This increases the customer’s conversion potential and allows you to collect valuable data on customer behaviors. However, helpful as they are, live chat resources are expensive and take time to train.

With Live Chat 24/7 plugin, you need not worry about cost and time. Live Chat 24/7 is an interactive chat agent powered by AI that trains itself over time. It works by building knowledge from conversations with customers and uses AI to develop new sentences each time when a customer interacts. It is, without doubt, one of the most intelligent AI applications available for WordPress.

By 2022 Chat bots will save $8 Billion worth business costs


The plugins we have shared were selected from the most popular AI categories and are compatible with all kinds of WordPress stores. Adding them to your website will not only improve your user experience but will help you achieve the competitive edge your store needs to raise the bar.

However, artificial intelligence has still a long journey ahead. While these plugins can do a great job in expanding your website’s capabilities, they may not always work as you desire them to. To get better results we highly recommend getting these modules tested on a smaller user group before making them open to your entire audience.


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