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5 Online Marketing Trends For 2019 You Shouldn’t Ignore

Digital marketing is something that you can’t just ignore. No one in his right mind should dispute the power of effective marketing. One that is executed properly and effectively can serve the needs of any business and, at the same time, increase the demand for specific products or services.

But unlike before, the digital landscape has changed. From streaming content to social media sharing, digital consumption now plays a massive role in the success of any business. So, If you have been looking for the best online marketing trends of 2019, then you have come to the right place. So without further ado, let dive deep in!

#1. Facebook     

Sure, Facebook has become a topic recently, especially since the infamous Cambridge Analytica. It cannot also be denied that many prominent figures have voiced out their decisions to steer clear from the social media giant. But despite its thorns, it still has a lot of roses to offer. A recent survey shows that people would rather use Facebook instead of (or more than) other social media platforms despite its flaws.

#2. Instagram    

When talking about all kinds of marketing platforms, you cannot ignore the existence of Instagram. It has rapidly grown in popularity. The image and video-based platform was built explicitly for users to share photos and videos from their smartphones. And in case you did not know, the latter has become the most ubiquitous mobile app. You also have to consider the fact that the social media platform has passed the 1 billion user mark, which is impressive on its own.

#3. Artificial Intelligence

Remember the phrase, “artificial intelligence will soon take over the world?” Well, it’s more about AI making the whole world a better place. Not only does it help in understanding consumers’ behaviour, but it can also search different patterns. In a nutshell, it will utilize data gathered from blog posts and social media platforms, among many others. A great example here are the messenger bots you often see on different e-commerce sites. They are meant to automate and optimize sales and even customer service.

#4. Video Marketing     

Believe it or not, people tend to buy products or services they see on videos. That alone is a solid proof that video marketing is alive and well. Let’s say you want potential customers to learn about the many different marketing platforms like the Click2sell platform and marketplace. Instead of writing a blog post about it, you can always move forward with a video presentation. You can then use it to market (often via email) to your prospects, letting them know more about the product or service. Once you do, your chances of getting a nice amount of conversions are higher!

#5. Content Writing

Of course, this will always be among the top online marketing trends regardless of year. Content writing still holds an essential existence, and still plays a critical role in digital marketing. Throughout the years, there has been a sustainable emphasis on nuance in content. Sure, there will always be the interest to write for intended recipients, but quality still holds the throne. That is why many experts suggest that content marketing should be not only relevant but also cutting-edge, original, and innovative.


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