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How Product Packaging Design Affects Your Sales

Packaging plays a key role in your business’ marketing strategy.

For one, it allows you to sell your products better as your product packaging can be a unique selling point. That’s because packaging delivers a sense of quality while reflecting your brand image.

The packaging is also crucial in retail sales because it can help attract your customers’ attention. Plus, this can make your product stand out from the rest of the competition.

That said, we’ll be discussing how product packaging design can affect your sales.

Strong First Impression

Your product packaging plays a crucial role in your business, as it can affect your branding.

It creates a strong first impression, from catching your customers’ attention to being recognizable.

Thus, you need to showcase your branding with your packaging. That way, you can give your customers the correct information before they buy your product.

According to a study conducted by Shorr Packaging, having a custom packaging encourages your customers to purchase again from you.

That’s why you should consider investing in your product packaging if you want to provide a better customer experience. Doing so allows you to effectively stand out from the rest of the pack and attract the right customers.

Getting Noticed

Before a prospect can come up with a decision to buy your product, they need to actually stop and look at it.

There are various aspects that can affect how people perceive your product.

Having a novel or eye-catching design, for instance, will instantly grab the attention of shoppers who don’t know your brand yet.

Now, for those who do know and want to buy from you, your product packaging reinforces that they’re making the right decision.

Branding for Your Product

One of the most important objectives that you need to consider is to stay consistent in all your branding and marketing strategies.

Let’s say that your product is using eco-friendly materials. Then your value should reflect in your packaging as well. You can have minimal packaging or use recycled materials.

If your brand is more hip and modern, you might consider a unique packaging that showcases your brand personality.

That way, if customers will see your packaging, they would think that this product looks like it comes from this brand.

Emotional Engagements

Colors play a key role when it comes to invoking emotions.

In fact, there are studies saying that a person’s emotional response to colors activates different regions of the brain.

Hence, packaging can compel your customers to buy your products.

Practical Appeal

Think about the specific characteristics a customer is looking for a certain brand or product.

What are their expectations about the product? Does your packaging meet these expectations?

Keep in mind that your product packaging can tell a lot about your brand.

Moreover, your customers may also have practical concerns about the product. This can include logistics and environmental impact.

Hence, you should keep these things in mind before you develop your product and its packaging.

Communicating Information

Not all packaging is designed the same way. However, they share a common characteristic – communicating information.

Your packaging can tell a lot about your business and your products. Not to mention that it can help you get your message across.

Here are the most common customer questions that your packaging should answer:

  • Who is the product for?
  • What is the product used for? Does it come with any limitations? What specific knowledge do you need to be able to use this product?
  • Where is the product made? Where can the customer learn more about the manufacturer and buy companion products?
  • When should the product be used? Does it have an expiration date?
  • Why does your prospective customer need this product? How will it change or improve the quality of their life?

You need to be able to convey the answers through your packaging. That way, your customers will know your business’s core values.

Packaging Reflects Quality

Your product’s legitimacy and quality will be showcased in your product’s packaging. Your customers should feel that your product is high-quality and that they can buy it from a retail store.

If it’s being sold in a brown paper bag, how will it affect your customer’s confidence in buying it? Moreso, if it’s something that they haven’t used before?

They might be questioning the product’s quality and legitimacy. They might also pick an alternative option that they could learn more about.

But if your product packaging is appealing, high-quality, and has a believable product proposition to prospects, the product will more likely sell.

Offsets Price

A lot of buyers will like to buy products that look stunning when displayed in their homes. This is true, especially if a product is supposed to remain visible for a long period of time.

According to a reputable New Zealand food packaging and print company, AP Woodham, most people would like to spend their money on purchasing products from brands that they believe in. Moreso, if the business’s values and beliefs align with theirs.

When you present your product in high-quality and appealing packaging, a lot of people will be more than willing to spend on your products. 

If you are thinking that investing in product packaging is not worth it, think again. Your packaging plays a key role in how customers will perceive your brand and your products. Not taking your packaging into consideration can be detrimental to your bottom line. And this can make or break or your business.


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