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Do you enjoy a game of rummy? If so, you can try playing it online. With rummy apps and websites growing day-by-day, it is possible to experience a good rummy game on the internet, without a physical deck of cards. But, you may be hesitant to play on sites that ask you to create an account on them. So, if you wish to play rummy online free without registration, then below-mentioned are a few ways to achieve it.

  1. Free Gaming Websites

There are platforms which do not necessitate you to register or create an account. Here, you can play rummy online free without cash and experience a good game with others. However, these websites will also not have cash prizes for tournaments or games. Beware if any of these sites ask for credit card information. Do not provide any crucial details that can be misused.

Even if a website offers rummy for free, check for its authenticity. Install a licensed anti-virus on your device to keep away hackers and viruses. If there are too many pop-ups or advertisements, simply block the pop-ups so you can play without interruption.

  1. Practice Games on a Platform

Websites that ask for registration may sometimes allow you to access practice games. This will be limited to a few games, before you have to register on the platform. Playing Indian rummy online games on different websites is in fact a good way to compare gaming platforms. You can register with the one that you enjoy the most and play on that particular website thereafter.

Practice games however maybe played against the system itself, if not the registered members on the site. Thus, for an ultimate rummy online play, it is best to sign up to a website where you can compete against real players from all around the country.

  1. Forums on the Internet

There are forums on the internet where people develop their own games and give access to other members. If you chance upon any, you are in luck. These may not be online real money earning games, but can work as a pastime if you wish to find an alternative to websites offering pure rummy games.

These forums may even have a chat window, which are however, not monitored or regulated. So, you must be careful when interacting with anyone there. Many a times, people may try asking your details like email ID, phone number, etc. You should restrict sharing such details with complete strangers.

  1. Play on Someone’s Phone

If you want to learn how to earn money by playing games that too without registration, then you can access rummy on someone’s PC or phone. This person could be someone who is already a registered member to a platform. It is advisable to take the concerned person’s permission when you do so, especially if you want to participate in cash tournaments.

You can ask this person to teach you the gaming tricks and techniques and show you how to play the game. After you are sure of your expertise, you can also try a hand at few of the games. And if satisfied, you can get a 13 card rummy game free download for PC and finally create an account, and take on some of the difficult challenges.

  1. Social Media Rummy Games

Some of the social media channels give access to online rummy free game to win real money, but in return, they may ask you to drop a review, or share the link with others, or download the app, or allow the app developer to view your friend-list etc. There is a certain amount of risk involved on such apps, since there is no surety how your profile information will be used by the game developers. But, if you are unwilling to register on a website, then this is one of the options to access rummy online.

If you want to play rummy online for cash or fun, it is best to register with a certified website than playing on free platforms. Though, this is a personal choice, licensed websites and secured access to the games gives you a safer game-play.


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