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A Few Important Tips To Reap Maximum Benefits Of Cloud Reselling Opportunity

As more and more companies are adopting cloud based systems, you have huge opportunity to earn by reselling hardware and software. The field is quite promising and you can earn lucrative recurring revenue. But you need to keep certain things in mind to taste success. What you need to have is the skills to set the revenue bell ringing.  Not only you should have the skills and expertise but also you need to be aware of the marketing strategies to get the sales. As a reseller what you can do is pushing your clients by reminding them of their competition and the progression of technology everyday. Therefore, any particular software whether it is for medical, legal or financial which is now available at a lower price, might be sky-high within  a few coming days once it is a big hit in the industry.

Technology is never constant; therefore, as you work as a reseller you need to stay upgraded always, whether you are re-selling hardware or software. To sell anything to clients, it is important that you gather the latest information happening around you. It will send a good impression and present you as a reliable IT reseller. As a cloud reseller you need to remember a few important factors to succeed:

Resale of Software:

A big amount of VAR cash flow is there in software resale. Though, most of the cloud vendors prefer to have a consumerised sales approach which emphasises mostly on simplistic purchase and sale process targeted to customers. Although, local resellers become less important without right hardware set-up and ancillary services and resale opportunities may decline with time, there will be more and more new opportunities coming on the way.

Resale of Hardware:

Opportunities of hardware resale may decline. Since servers are no more installed on-premises since cloud based systems, revenue generated may vanish off eventually from this. Sale of desktop computer has become less too. As cloud based systems need less memory and less processing power compared to on-premises ones, desktops do not need frequent replacement anymore and they will get sold at lower prices.

Services Related to Installation:

Opportunity of installation services will cease to exist with cloud computing as cloud based systems do not demand software installation. But still, a few installation services will still be in demand like installation of desktop systems and installation of a new network. As per the trend, the cloud resellers would have various new opportunities for this kind of service.

Integration Services:

A decline in integration services is also evident with the inception of cloud based systems but it is going to happen at a very gradual pace. These systems need less number of points of integration. But at the same time there is better control on how customisations affect integration process. Therefore, in comparison with on-premises systems, cloud based apps are easier to integrate. Integration of cloud based systems is going to be easy in due course of time.

Training Services:

These services are going to find a gradual change. Since it is easy to use the user interface of cloud-based system, less training is required for this. In case of on-premises systems, more complex UIs are there which calls for training services from a local advisor. On the other hand, with cloud based systems, training services from a local advisor is no longer needed. However, to have a better grip on the revenue, there are ample scopes for sophisticated training.

By working as a cloud reseller, you are providing your clients a secure and reliable daily data backup -an essential service for their business. As a retailer you can gain a lot by generating recurring income for you.

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