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Today, the development of an increasingly modern era has changed the pattern of human life to be more dynamic. Where humans continue to strive to find innovations to meet their needs. That is what causes the creation of technology. Then, what exactly is technology? Without realizing it, technology has had a significant influence on human life. As you can see, almost all areas of human life require technology. The invention of technology has experienced rapid development every year. The various tools or machines currently available are the result of technological developments. These tools are created and equipped with their respective uses. Increasingly sophisticated technology also makes people continue to show skills and provide innovations to develop newer technologies. With the invention of technology, it can offer many benefits to human life. One of them is providing convenience and speed in solving all problems faced. Besides, there are still several other technological benefits which will be explained below.

1. Education

Before the development of internet technology¸ the learning system was carried out conventionally, namely the instructor who gave real face to face in front of students. However, since the existence of internet learning systems have been created that are more modern or known as e-learning systems. Now, the teacher does not have to be in front of students to provide material but can be done virtually using the system. With that system too, the instructor is more comfortable to assess the understanding of each student.

2. Communication

Now many technologies are used as communication media, such as mobile phones, tablets, smartphones or others. All of these technologies were created to make it easy for humans to be able to communicate with other people without having to come face to face. You can interact with people who are in different regions quickly and the costs required are also minimal.

3. Business.

Do you know about Automated Teller Machine or as known as ATM? ATM is a machine that provides services to customers to make all types of transactions efficiently and quickly. This machine is also proof of the development of technology that is operated automatically by using a computer.

4. Medicine

At present, the use of technology in the field of medicine has increased. How not, you don’t need to do a routine check to the hospital to check your health. Because currently there are various applications developed to answer all complaints about your health. The answer was also handled directly by professional doctors.


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