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A Technological Big-Bang To Advertising

Commerce has always been commerce, but the way it’s conducted, and where it’s conducted, are constantly changing. Now that trend is pushing business onto the internet, along with everything else in the digital age.

In 2012, e-commerce represented a nearly $300 billion industry. Presumably, that figure is only going up.

As Adspert COO Stephanie Richter explains, “regardless of what product a company is offering, online marketing is central to relevance. It’s the present and future of all business. Any company interested in expanding its sales and not looking at search engine advertising is missing out on a huge potential market, and runs the risk of becoming left behind in the digital age.”

Adspert is only one of a multitude of companies taking an active role in shaping the new online economy. Specifically, their newest product, The Big Bang Machine, looks to change the way companies advertise on Google, which is the portal of entry for some 44% of online shoppers, according to a 2012 research study.

A Technological Big-Bang To Advertising

“With Adspert, we’ve brought improved online marketing efficiency to over 130 companies in 30 countries around the world,” says Adspert CEO Marcel Pirlich. “The Big Bang Machine is our newest, most ambitious technological breakthrough in providing intelligent, automated marketing services to savvy companies looking to open the possibilities of e-commerce and get more bang for their advertising buck.”

Pirlich explains that most companies don’t possess the technical savvy to manage a Google AdWords marketing campaign, despite the proven benefits of having one. Most companies, more importantly, don’t stand much to gain from investing time and resources into gaining that expertise.

The Big Bang Machine offers companies an easy-to-use interface that uses advanced algorithms to take a company’s goals and products into account and produce the ideal Google marketing campaign, given the company’s resources. The dashboard allows companies to track only the most relevant statistics on their campaign, and make broad adjustments without having to get bogged down in irrelevant minutiae.

As CTO Harald Bartel says, “there is an entire network of algorithmic analysis crunching an immense amount of data, making sure the ad reaches its target audience, but on the user end, the whole process can be completed in less than five minutes.”

That’s the kind of advancement in commerce to get excited about.


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