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Flyers, when used in marketing can produce tremendously excellent results for a firm. Flyer printing depends on the type of the flyer and what use is it designated for. Flyers provide detailed information on what your company is all about. Its objective is for the clients to get to know your company and the services you offer. They can break or build a potential client’s trust in your company. Just like clothes, Flyers give the first impression about your company. High quality flyers brand your organization.

Types of A4 Flyers

Business flyers- this type of flyers mostly are used in business firms to generate crude information on a company’s services and products, to give knowledge of what you can offer your customers. They are mostly formalized, classic and with a standardized layout. They ensure a descent professional look. Also referred to as a professional flyer.

Club flyers- flyers of this kind are mostly meant for the entertainment industry, event promotions, it equals the vivacious and energetic themes of the clubs. Designs of this kind of flyers may use high resolution images and integrate dynamic colors to magnetize the target audience attention.  They have a customized informal layout, whose end product is to entice.

Major uses of A4  Flyers

Different organizations come up with flyers for different purposes and uses.

  • Used in letters

Flyers are mostly sent to potential or frequent client’s, modified with their names and specific requirements.

  • Invites

They are used to entice clients to attend a forth-coming event. This can be customized to serve as a gate entry to the event. They must contain the appropriate themes to attract your target audience.

  • Insertions

The flyers can be placed in printouts such as magazines and newspapers, with relevant thoughts to those of your company especially for advertising.

  • Token awards

Customers get attracted to discounts, loyalty points and freebies. Attract new customers and maintain the old ones by the awards of loyalty points and bonuses. Flyers can be printed as coupons or gift certificates or vouchers.

  • Directories

Flyers are often used to prepare catalogs that contain a company’s products, services their   descriptions and price listings. You can also get the most out of the use of prices for better marketing.

A4 Flyer Printing Services

A4 Flyers Printing should be done expertly to give a high definition product that will market your products efficiently. This may include;

  • Luster gloss finishing

It makes the flyer lustrous and so attractive enticing your audience and strengthening its durability.

  • Overall satin finish

The satin finish gives the card a smooth and soft texture depending on the client’s taste. It makes it appealing too.

  • Foil printing

This is another form of flyer printing that gives a very fine nice shiny texture. The colored foil is compressed into the card paper with heated dye to give it that elegant look. This is specially used on the logos and typographical flyers, and to make inscriptions.

  • High contact spot gloss mechanic varnish

The varnish finish is responsible for the glossy look of the flyers. This is usually applied to the event promoting flyers.


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