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Professional Firms Offering Custom Fabrication Service

Those who learn from past, achieve the most in life. Chris Keehner, the man behind D-S Pipe and Steel Supply LLC is the standing example of this. His stupendous hard work, focus and strong determination brought DS Pipe Supply LLC to DS Pipe and Steel Supply LLC. After gaining a good amount of knowledge in the field of iron and steel, Chris Keehner started experimenting with his household distributorship under DS Pipe Supply LLC and could successfully merge two companies to form a new company naming D-S Pipe & Steel Supply LLC in the year 2011.

It was not at all an easy task for him to enhance something already established. He actually had to work a lot on the structure, partners and man power to take the company to where it is today. When John W. Keehner started D-S Pipe Supply LLC, he and his fellow partners had only one truck, 7 employees and a 27,000 square feet warehouse. It was from this position Chris Keehner took it later on and brought today the company to a size where they have 19 trucks, 110 full-time workers and 4 stalwarts from the field of iron and steel. And, heading them all is Chris Keehner.

The journey was not very easy for the company. From 1979 to 2011, the company also came a long way and has stood the test of time. With the merger, the entire world saw a great change in this field. The company tripled and man power increased manifold. The company as a whole now has 19 trucks of their own and covers a bigger territory engulfing 5 states in them.

Apart from being a successful businessman, Chris has always been a doting father and a committed family man. He has always been able to find the right balance between professional and personal life. It was his brainchild to bring in steel along with pipe supply chain. He studied over this and came out with various industry specific items like pipes, valves, structural steel various fittings and other accessories. However, the edge that keeps D-S Pipe and Steel Supply LLC over others is their value added service and expert advice.

With the mission of having appositive and proactive work environment for the employees, D-S Pipe & Steel Supply LLC aims to be the best distributing Center for pipes and steel items in US. The main focus of Christopher Keehner is however on structural steel, pipe, weld fitting and grooved pipe fittings. He targets to provide best quality customer support with quick processing time and high quality maintenance as well.

Chris Keehner has made it a point that the company maintains finest warehouse facility, quality product and world class service. His fleet of truck, administrative services and expert opinion is what customers are looking forward to. This family owned business is now a well-known agency for all.


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