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Since its launch in the market, the iOS7 has continued to be a favourite of Apple fans. As the popularity of the new OS skyrocketed, the sale of iPhone 5c and 5s models also crossed 9 million! Apple claims that there are more than 200 million devices that have taken the advantage of the OS update. If you are new to riding the bandwagon of Apple popularity, you must be on the hunt for apps that look good with it. There are many apps that actually look good with iOS7. Here is a short list of the apps that you can choose from:

  • Flipboard: If you like reading magazines, you’d enjoy using Flipboard on iOS7. In the new OS, the magazine covers have been given a parallax effect. You’d see the same effect on the iOS7 home screen. You’d surely love the effect on the app.
  • Digg: New users of Digg would be able to enjoy a unique experience. For all those who are already well versed with the app, you’d see that in the iOS7, the app looks and feels different! Now you can download new stories in the background and save it for reading later.
  • Kindle: It is one of the must-have apps for people who love to read. With it you can organize everything you want to read and truly does it in the iOS7 way! As you enjoy reading with Kindle, there are lots that you can do- thin fonts, blur backgrounds, and create folders. You’d surely love the feel of the app in your iOS7 device.
  • Twitter: Twitter is a social media app that all Twitter users must download. But with iOS7, the users can enjoy a whole new look and feel of the app. You can find the navigation bars flattened and brightened. In addition to that, the icons of the app have been simplified and the icons of the app have been simplified throughout the app, making it easier to understand and use for the new users.
  • Facebook: It is one of the must-have apps for maximum people. iOS7 effect has touched the Facebook app too. The navigation buttons has been reworked and a toolbar has been added at the bottom of the main screen for convenient usage.
  • Vimeo: This is a stylish smartphone app. With iOS7, you get simpler icons, thin text and translucency. If you are a Vimeo user, you’d surely get an enhance experience.
  • Pandora: This app has really shed some clutter from its previous look if you see it in iOS7. In the new version of Pandora for the operating system, the superfluous dividers have been edited out. The app still uses the old keyboard, but the buttons are no longer framed.

The list of good apps for iOS7 is long. You need to choose apps that you’d like to have in your device. Your selection should be based on your requirement. You can choose from the unlimited list of apps like PocketCasts, NBC, TED, and The Huffington Post.

Author Bio: Ted works for The New York Times as a freelancer. As he is a migrant from Spain, he uses an English dictionary to write news stories and feeds. His new English video dictionary app is helping him being conversant in the language. He also takes photography classes on weekends.


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