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After the top of the range Xperia Z together with Xperia ZL, Sony has now directed its focal point to the mid-range sector with the groundbreaking Xperia SP, which it unveiled most recently. The Xperia SP incorporates almost all the embellishments of a remarkable gadget but nevertheless is forecasted to be supplied at a cost tag of around Rs.25, 000 following the event that it strikes retail store shelves within the next couple of weeks. The best part about it is the fact that the Xperia SP is anticipated in Asian countries as well as European countries at the outset, so it’s possible to count on getting your own hands and fingers on the gadget soon.

Sony Xperia SP bears a 4.6-inch 720p screen which is driven by dual-core processor operating at a speed of 1.7GHz along with 1GB of RAM and Adreno 320 GPU. Imaging is controlled by an 8MP photographic camera furthermore efficient at capturing 1080p video clips @30fps. The Xperia SP comes along with Android 4 .1 (Jelly Bean) in addition to a 2370 mAh battery pack. Mentioned below are four highlighting and supreme features of Sony Xperia SP that will throw it ahead of its other compatriot models.

Notifications Strip

The Xperia SP comes with a distinctive unambiguous bar at the base of the gadget that illuminates every time you attain a phone call, text, email messages and so forth. The fantastic aspect is the fact that it is possible to modify the shade of the illumination in accordance with who is actually calling up, so that you can promptly pinpoint the person who is calling up perhaps even without taking a look at the display screen. Considering that the strip is see-through, you’ll be in a position to notice the piece illumining depending on whether you have with you the gadget on its countenance or perhaps on the flipside. Whenever you’re experiencing a little bit peppy, you may as well put the notifications strip to flicker along to the whisk of the melody that’s being played on the phone.


At 4.6-inches, Xperia SP’s screen ought not to sense excessively big and also needs to be conducive to single-handed procedure at the same time. The screen also need to be capable of high calibre outcome because of the fact that it bears a pixel resolution of 1280×720 pixels and also offers 319 ppi, rendering it well suited for viewing video clips and even switching through pictures.


The Xperia SP’s 8MP photographic camera might sound customary at the outset, however we contemplate it is going to succeed in real-world scenarios. It is simply because the Xperia SP makes use of Sony’s unique Exmor RS CMOS sensing unit, a motion sensor that’s based upon Sony’s full-fledged camera devices. The Exmor RS indicator additionally controlled the Xperia Z’s 13MP shooter and also we were quite overwhelmed by its functionality, hence we don’t presume it’s very much of a long shot to stipulate that the Xperia SP will most likely be proficient at capturing photographs.


Despite the fact that a phone’s battery power could only be appropriately examined by means of real-world utilization, contemplating the Xperia SP’s specs-sheet has got us anticipating really good battery functional life from the gadget. At 2370 mAh, the Xperia SP’s battery life has got a better ranking as compared to many other smart phones with a 4 .7-inch screen which includes Samsung Galaxy S3, Nexus 4, LG Optimus G as well as the HTC One X+. Subsequently, Sony Xperia SP’s battery life ought to survive as long (and probably longer) as any one of those smartphones.


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