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Are Microsoft Engineers Well Treated?

Microsoft is one of the world’s most well known tech companies, and has been for a few decades now. From innovative personal computers, to world-renowned office and text programs, to personal video and audio devices, Microsoft has stamped its name as one of the largest and most influential companies the tech industry has ever seen.

In recent years, however, the tech business has taken some new turns, and things are not what they once were. Now there are hundreds of start up companies trying to make it in the tech world, dozens of established companies shifting gears, and seemingly daily innovations. Suddenly, there are simply not enough computer engineers to do all the work that tech companies need done. As a result, qualified computer engineers can be rather picky with their job selection, meaning Microsoft needs to either treat them right, or risk losing them. Here’s a look into how well Microsoft engineers are treated.

Are Microsoft Engineers Well Treated?


Microsoft engineers are well compensated, but not as well as engineers at some competing firms. The company’s computer software engineers make, on average, over $100,000 per year. This seems like a very large amount of money — and it is — but in the software engineering industry, it’s actually not much above average. Computer Engineers at Microsoft are listed as the 18th highest paid software engineers among engineers at American companies, notably behind competitors Apple and Google, and even behind companies like Walmart and Arista.

Job Satisfaction

The tech industry is changing, and Microsoft has not always stayed with the times. As such, some of their employees no longer have the same satisfaction they once felt at the company. In fact, many of Microsoft’s most creative minds have left the company to join other tech endeavors, leading to a trickle down effect throughout the company. In 2005, when these issues were first becoming apparent to the broader public, Google had already employed over 100 software engineers who had jumped ship from Microsoft. Some former employees now claim that Microsoft has gotten too big, and doesn’t quite know how to handle its own success effectively and efficiently without mistreating employees.


One of the things that Microsoft engineers love about the company is that they’re afforded the opportunity to put their skills to work outside of Microsoft. The company runs a high school program for kids potentially interested in computer science, and Microsoft provides many of its software engineers with the opportunity to teach these classes. For their software engineers, the opportunity to help teach the next generation of computer engineers is a valuable experience. And while only a relatively small number of engineers partake in this program, it is nonetheless indicative of many of the opportunities offered to engineers by the company.

As it is, Microsoft could stand to change a few things if they want to retain their best employees in this day and age of intense competition for talented and experienced engineers. Until then, however, most of them are probably fairly satisfied with their situation.


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