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Investigating computers can be a touch disappointing and somewhat tricky. With such a large number of hardware and software introduced, any number of things can happen. However, nothing beats experience. The more you do it, the better you become!

A critical tip is to begin with the basic stuff when investigating computers dependably. The most basic problems with computers occur during the boot time, especially during POST (Power On Self Test). Here are some pointers on POST issues and their troubleshooting.


When you start your operating system, the power supply sends a sign to the CPU, which gets guidelines to go to the BIOS to begin the boot process. A piece of this procedure is the POST (Power On Self Test). Issues emerging at this stage are quite often in equipment. Amid the POST, gadgets are discovered and checked for mistakes. In the event, that all is well, the motherboard speaker will typically give a solitary, short beep and proceed onward to stacking the working of OS. In the event that something happens, you will hear some sort of beep or see a slip message on the screen. BIOS producers have distinctive beep codes so you will need to know which BIOS your OS is utilizing.

Troubleshooting Post Issues


Whichever BIOS you have, if the beep code demonstrates a memory or graphics card issue, the common procedure is to check if the RAM or the Card is perfectly seated in the slot. In case, this is alright, then it could be the motherboard. In the event that it’s a CPU beep code, your processor may be overheating. A few BIOS setups are situated to close the computer down if the processor is excessively hot. A failing processor fan could be the guilty party. Turn off the computer and evacuate the case entryway. Fail and check whether the fan is working or running gradually. In the event that it’s the fan, remove it. If not, uproot the processor and check whether there’s any physical harm to it. Remember that you won’t generally see physical harm on a terrible CPU.

On the off chance that you don’t hear a beep whatsoever, most likely it’s a faulty power system or a motherboard issue. Computer components online shopping is a boon in such cases to purchase parts.

Following the above steps will help you sort out failures related to POST.


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