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What is ADSL?

ADSL abbreviation for asymmetrical digital subscriber line. ADSL is a category of digital subscriber line technology, a communication technology of data that enables smooth and faster data transmission over copper telephone wires, more than a traditional voice band modem can give. ADSL differs from the less popular symmetric digital subscriber line commonly known as SSDL.  The bandwidth and bit rate of ADSL is greater at the side of consumer than at the upstream.  This is why this system is termed as asymmetric. Therefore, manufacturers market this product as a service for consumers to use internet in a relatively submissive mode: Able to use higher speed direction for download, but not needing to run servers that would need higher speed in the opposite direction.

ADSL works on frequencies which are not in use. ADSL filter, a splitter allows a consumer to have a single telephone connection for asymmetrical digital subscriber links services and voice calls at the same time. Asymmetrical digital subscriber line can distributed over short distance from the last telephone exchange centre.

Why this technology has become popular with time?

  • ADSL offer high-speed internet connection
  • ADSL presents fixed monthly rental
  • You can talk on phone while surf you the internet
  • Low infrastructure cost
  • No unnecessary wiring required

When a failover occurs?

ISP maintenance, ISP routing failure, power failures at the ISP and a line faults, all these can break your connection, for short time or for days, if not solved.

Why buy an asymmetrical digital subscriber line backup system?

Downtime is extremely essential for businesses that need a stable, constant internet connection. Many systems working in the offices are mission critical and failure of downtime for a short span duration will result in massive revenue loss to the company, and is sure to dent the company badly, if the ADSL issue prolongs. So, asymmetrical digital subscriber line system failover is most non indispensable situation for a company. But there is solution to it, ADSL backup, the device which have taken the internet consumer market by storm. This is an answer to all you system failover worries. Many internet hardware component manufacturers have launched many products backup products like 4G ADSL, 3G ADSL to meet the need of the consumers.  Buy 4G ADSL Backup from comms365, a world’s leading fixed line and mobile communication company. They have built a sound reputation after main years of hard work and quality services.

For load balancing

When the 4g ADSL backup from comms365 not being used for failover, you can use this as second internet connectivity for load balancing. Load balancing either spreads your internet traffic across either internet connection, or set rules for specific connections or traffic

Your business relies on its internet connection. Therefore, losing it even for short duration can be a serious problem. No internet means: no client’s mail, no work, no browsing, and in many cases, no new order. So, 4G ADSL backup from comms365 is worth an investment for your business.



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