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Best Apps For Teachers

For teachers, the job doesn’t end when students leave the classroom. There are papers to grade, kids to tutor, meetings with parents, and so much more. Over time, staying organized at work and at home can become difficult, and carrying around numerous reports and files is cumbersome.

Today, teachers can employ a multitude of resources to assist them in and out of school. Whether through file sharing, grading, getting messages to parents, or keeping track of attendance, here are five apps that can make life for a teacher just a little bit easier.


Keeping kids engaged and together outside the classroom can be very difficult, but this app offers a perfect opportunity to build connections. Edmundo is a completely free resource that works as a social networking site for the classroom. Using it, teachers can post notes, assignments, and updates that students will quickly receive on their smartphone or tablet. Students can even submit assignments and receive grades for work right on their device. There are also options to post polls and quizzes, assign groups, and create calendars. Edmondo allows technology to work for you, putting everything right on your phone and allowing students to stay connected even after the last bell rings.

Best Apps For Teachers


With Educreations, students can continue learning even after they go home. With this app, your iPad becomes your own personal whiteboard where you can create lessons for anything you want your students to know. This interactive app allows teachers to draw with their fingers and record their voice, creating a lesson for students wherever they may be.

You can also add pictures, and with multiple color options and design styles, there is no end to how creative users can get.


Keeping organized can be difficult, particularly for teachers. Evernote helps take some of the hassle away by ensuring that all of your necessary documents and papers are in one place. Evernote allows users to create notes, lists, and even take photos and recordings. Since the system is fully integrated with apps like Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Gmail and more, you can easily export files all over the web. The app also allows users to conveniently sort items into folders, so educators can create folders for various subjects or students.

Gradebook Pro

Keeping track of your students’ grades is simple with Gradebook Pro, available on the iPad, iPhone and iPod. Teachers can record attendance right from their phone, with available options to help monitor how often a student is tardy, or whether an absence is excused. The app also allows educators to store assignments, and records grades all year long. With a personalized profile for each student, educators can add email addresses, pictures, and notes, allowing them to track their class’ progress easily.


Getting students excited about writing can be difficult, but kid blog is a great way to generate enthusiasm. With Kidblog, teachers can create an individual blog for each of their students. Here, students can post articles available for anyone in the class to read, and they have the option to personalize it with fun themes and colors. Posts can be set to private, for in class use, or public display, allowing kids to write for a real audience in a controlled environment.

This article was written by techie and teacher Jessie Sloan.  When she’s not teaching she is looking for fun ways to keep her kids engaged though technology.  Because her iPad is such an important teaching tool she protects her investment with mobile insurance brand Protect Your Bubble.


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