It is little known that the verification of emails is an essential part of Digital Marketing, which is capable of really evaluating which emails are kept in force, being used, with activity and responses to messages. This goes a long way toward not sending spam emails or messages that end directly in spam emails.

Although it is true that the correction of emails is a very useful tool when it comes to mass sending proposals or messages, through cold emails, it is not an indispensable tool, but rather a reinforcement of all the previous ones. .

Therefore, here we will tell you what are its advantages and disadvantages that the email checker has and why it works so well with the rest of the tools.


Placing a context is necessary

Very well, imagine that you have a painting business, where you sell all kinds of materials necessary to paint houses, you have tools and also basic utensils for it.

If you start applying the market study through the Generation of Leads, you will get your potential clients (painters), then, you make your massive shipment of cold emails … but, really this message is reaching your potential clients (painters), the answer can be NO.

This is because you probably sent your message to emails that are no longer in use, or that simply do not intend to receive external messages. This is where the work of the email checker really begins.



  1. It lets you know if the email to which you will send the message is active, if it is actually being used, if it has movement and revisions.
  2. When verifying the activity of the used mail, you have greater probabilities that this message reaches the mailbox of the mail server, this will give you much more possibilities of capturing clients.
  3. Your message is not SPAM or spam, your message is a common message as if it were from someone surrounded, which will give you greater possibilities to increase your business statistics.
  4. Support and advise your sales, mainly in the way you communicate, no customer likes to be spoken to as if they were anyone. Or simply that the message sent is a kind of “chain” sent to many people, no, your client sees that message they will think that it was only him, and that would arouse interest in believing that he is the only one.



  1. Sometimes it is difficult to manage, therefore, you will have to be careful and get some prior knowledge to use it.
  2. It is good that you use paid email cleaning, if you want to apply this tool for a long time.
  3. It doesn’t work really well if you don’t have the rest of the tools with you, cold emails or lead generation.


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