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People all around the world are suffering from maladies, and they are suffering from loss of peace of mind. But this just means that the only way man can seek redemption from all of these is by praying to God. But then, when it comes to prayers, it is also true that if one person’s prayers can work miracles, then just imagine the power of prayer of a mass of people? However, there are a few good souls even now who may undertake the mission to pray for everyone. These kinds of people are God-sent in the truest terms.

TB Joshua is one prophet from The Synagogue Church Of All Nations or SCOAN, who has won several hearts and saved the lives of many people around the world. He has always claimed that he has received the grace from God to help in healing and bringing peace to the world. Besides these, he also has the visions to prophesy all the calamities and events that happen anywhere in the world. So far, many of the events that he has prophesied has come true.

Fighting off nay-sayers:

Many people have this tendency to turn a blind eye to reality or to prophesies made by learned people and so when he prophesied many natural and political events around the world and when they came true, he was accused. Many naysayers claimed that he was using occult powers and taking a very un-godly way to find these truths and drawing people in this manner.

But it is true that today The Synagogue Church of All Nations or SCOAN is today one of the biggest missions that draws, millions every year. This just proves that if at all the prophet TB Joshua had taken recourse to occult practices, he would not be able to heal so many and appeal to so many millions who congregate every Sunday at the Church.

Healing and Praying:

Today, the prophet is a Good Samaritan, a savior who takes it as his call to save the people all around the world with his words. He travels and spreads the message of peace and even offers online sermons and sermons live on television channels.

His work of healing has healed many people suffering from various ailments, mental and physical afflictions. This kind of service is after all what God had also urged people to follow and this shows how he is following that path for the sake of the world.

Bringing back faith through Preaching and Service:

A true follower of God is one who preaches, and builds the life of people around him too. As a prophet and evangelist, he has taken great steps for ensuring that many Christians learn about Christianity and get their salvation through it. His method is very straightforward and simple and that is possibly the reason for millions of devotees to come traveling across the world to witness many preaching.

Only with steadfast devotion and prayers, one shall be able to go ahead and get salvation in this life.


Righteous Path

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